Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Raka Visits Tiwari’s House.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai September 27, 2022 :
Raka Visits Tiwari’s House.

Anu asks Tiwari, why are Tillu and Teeka ordering you to give money? Tiwari tells Anu that they should leave. Tillu stops them by going with the help of a wooden baton. Teeka tells Tiwari, not to be oversmart, they are not fool. Tiwari tells them that they should talk somewhere else. Anu asks Tillu and Teeka about the situation but they ignores her and keeps on threatening Tiwari. Tiwari gives the few bucks to be quiet. Tillu gives it back and tells Tiwari that they are not a beggar like him. Tillu warns Tiwari to repay Raka his 2 crore back or else, he’ll come himself to have a talk without. Tiwari gets scared. Anu gets shocked and asks if they are really 2 crore? Teeka says, yes and tells her that Tiwari is not repaying Raka his money. Anu asks Tiwari if it’s true. Tiwari tells Anu that there’s a lot of competition in businesses and even big businessmen are also under debt. Anu tells Tiwari that she reads newspapers everyday and she knows that indian businessmen are world famous, and those who are in debt are either, rotting in prison or left the country. Tillu tells Anu that he’s lying to you. Teeka warns Tiwari the last the last time and leaves. Anu tells Tiwari that he’s a big liar.

Angoori is getting stressed about Tiwari’s situation. Vibhu walks upto her and greets her. She asks Vibhu how is he doing? He’s very stressed and wants to jump into Ganga river. Angoori gets frustrated and tells him to jump and scolds him. Vibhu says that she’s saying this because she doesn’t have tension. Angoori says she’s more tensed than Vibhu. Vibhu asks Angoori the reason for that. Angoori says that she doesn’t wants to tell him about that and leaves.

Teeka and Tillu are beating Dr. Gupta. MasterJi and Prem are watching them beat him. Dr. Gupta is screaming in agony and asking for mercy. Teeka says that he should’ve thought about that before taking money from Raka, and continues to beat him. Tiwari asks MasterJi, why are Teeka and Tillu beating Dr. Gupta? Masterji tells Tiwari that he didn’t repaid Raka’s money on time. Tiwari gets scared. Prem says that one should be very big fool to get money from Raka and not repaying it. Dr.Gupta runs to hus home. Teeka and Tillu sits down to take rest. Tiwari invites them politely to his house for dinner. Teeka and Tillu says he needs to give them lunch first.

Vibhu and David are sitting together on dining table. Vibhu asks David what did Anu prepared for the dinner? David checks the bowls for food but they are all empty. Vibhu lifts the plate of him and David and finds a dry chapati, raw piece of onion, and a chilly. Vibhu tells David that he thinks it’s for dinner only. David asks Vibhu to call Anu. Vibhu calls her. Anu comes upto him and asks Vibhu, what happened? Vibhu asks if it’s the dinner? Anu says, yes. David asks Anu that why do she treat Vibhu like this? Even dogs in London dint like this. Anu tells David to go back. Vibhu asks Anu, why is she disrespecting David? Anu says that David is testing her patience. David tells Anu that everyone on the colony says that Vibhu is living on Anu’s leftovers. Vibhu agrees with David. Anu tells David to give 5 lakhs and she’ll get them meals from 5 star restaurants.

Tiwari is sitting in his room. Raka comes in and sits in front of Tiwari. Tiwari tries to greet Raka but, Raka makes him sit back down. Raka asks Tiwari that when is he going to give repay his money? Tiwari says that he’s not any kind of cheater and will repay every penny of him and ask him to give him few more days. Raka denies and tells him that whenever he gives more time to repay, they always cheat him. Tiwari gets terrified. Angoori comes in and sits beside Tiwari. Raka asks, who is she? Tiwari tells him that she’s his wife. Raka says, no and tells Tiwari that she his “Chhutki”. And she was very innocent and used to make scrumptious food, says Raka. Tiwari tells Raka that Angoori is also very and makes delicious food. Raka starts getting emotional and says that his Chhutki also used sing really well. Angoori says that she can also sing good. Tiwari asks Angoori to start singing. Angoori begins to sing and Raka starts crying. Raka now says that Chhutki also used to dance soo good. Angoori shows her dance. Raka gets excited and starts to dance with her. Tiwari gets happy while watching them dance. Raka says that she got all the talent and asks Angoori to bring food. Tiwari laughs and tells Raka that he found his younger sister. Raka tells Tiwari to shut up and tells Tiwari that Chhutki was his wife. Tiwari gets scared. Raka warns Tiwari that if he didn’t repay his money, he’ll take Angoori with him. Tiwari gets even more terrified.

Vibhu and Tiwari and sitting together. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he’ll pay him 5 lakhs but, he needs to attempt a murder. Vibhu asks Tiwari if he’s out of his mind?! Tiwari explains Vibhu about the situation and asks him to fake attempt a murder on him, so that Angoori can get his insurance money.

Anu asks Vibhu to arrange 5 lakhs. Vibhu says that he’s doing that only. Anu asks Vibhu if he’s going the picnic? Vibhu says that Tiwari called him very respectfully so, has to go. Anu says that, he won’t go anywhere.

Raka orders Teeka and Tillu to go to Tiwari’s house, and if he denies again then shoot him. Teeka and Tillu gets scared.

Everyone in enjoying the picnic and suddenly they hears a gunshot. Dr. Gupta spots Vibhu with a gun in his hand.

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