Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhu is Accused of Murdering Tiwari.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raka tells Teeka and Tiilu to pick up the pistol, and go to Tiwari’s house, and if he denies to give the money, shoot him. Teeka and Tillu starts crying and tells Raka that they cannot do this. Tillu says that he never even killed a mosquito, and you’re telling me to kill a person? Teeka starts shivering and asks him to forgive them. Raka says he’s forgiving them just because they belong to same city, or else, he would have killed them now. Teeka and Tillu gets scared. Raka tells them to turn around and asks his assistant to kick them out. His assistant comes up and kicks them out of the place.

Tiwari and Vibhu are standing together on the road. Tiwari takes out a prop gun. Vibhu asks Tiwari why is he carrying this fake gun? Tiwari replies, this isn’t a fake gun, it’s a laser gun that just makes sound of a gun. Vibhu asks what is he going to do with this? Tiwari gives that gun to Vibhu and tells him about the plan in which he tells Vibhu to point this at his and a bag filled with ketchup will burst, and it will look like a gunshot wound. After that, he will jump and everyone will think that Vibhu killed him. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he misses a lot. Tuwari says, thats why they are here for aim practice. Vibhu still says that his aim is really bad, if he’ll try to shoot on his head, he’ll end up shooting on his chest. Tiwari tells Vibhu to start practising. Vibhu points the gun at bottles and kicks Tiwari from behind to tease him. Tiwari fall over and asks him what is he doing? Vibhu lets him get up and, points the gun at all the bottles very precisely without even looking. Tiwari gets shocked. Vibhu says, that he was joking, he never misses his shot. Teeka and Tillu walks upto them and tells Tiwari he’s here chilling, and Raka is out there hunting for him. Tiwari asks Teeka and Tiillu are they working for Raka or not? Teeka says that they left his job on their own. Tillu agrees with Teeka and tells Tiwari that Raka told them to shoot him, if he still doesn’t repay the debt. Tiwari gets scared. Tiwari invites them Teeka and Tillu to a picnic. Tillu and Teeka asks the venue? Tiwari says, on the top of the hill. Teeka asks if there will be any food to eat. Tiwari says, yes. He’ll give a slap.

Tiwari and Angoori are sitting together. Angoori asks Tiwari if Raka will really take her with him? Tiwari says he won’t let it happen. Angoori says she didn’t heard that from Tiwari when he met Raka. Tiwari says he’s filled with anger and won’t let it happen. Angoori asks Tiwari if he’s really filled with anger, then why is he inviting everyone to the picnic? Tiwari replies that, he going on a picnic to calm himself down. Angoori asks Tiwari if he’s going to Shimla or Darjeeling? Because that hill is hot as a sun in summers. Tiwari says that hill is usually covered with cold breeze. And he will feel relaxed. Tiwari tries to convince Angoori to come with him.

Anu and Vibhu are sitting together in their bedroom. Anu is showing Vibhu the look of her new grooming classes. Vibhu is just ignoring her. Anu asks him again. Vibhu says that it’s really good. Anu says that its just a dream for now, but it may come true if he gives her 5 lakhs. Vibhu says that thinking about that only. Anu tells Vibhu that he’s planning nothing, but thinking about Tiwari’s picnic. Vibhu tells Anu that he has to go because Tiwari called him very politely. Anu tells Vibhu that he’s not going anywhere. Vibhu tells Anu that she’ll get her money. Anu asks, from where? Are you going to kill anybody? Vibhu says, don’t worry about that.

Everyone has gathered in the picnic. Teeka says that it’s his first time in a picnic. Tillu says that it’s also his first time. David tells them that in London, he used to go on picnic everyday. Tiwari tells David that he was unemployed, that’s why. Everyone starts laughing? David asks Tiwari, then who used to watch his business? Ramfal? Tiwari tells David to be quiet. Anu tells them both to shut up. Angoori also agrees with Anu. Angoori tells Tiwari that she brought Halwa puri for him. Dr. Gupta, Teeka and Tillu says that they also need that. Angoori says that she got Halwa Puri for everyone. Teeka and Tillu gets excited. Angoori distributes the food to everyone. Prem suggests that they should also play Antakshari while enjoying the food. Everyone agrees with him. Anu and Angoori splits teams. Tiwari asks, whose he’s in? Anu tells Tiwari that he’s umpire and tells him to sit aside. Tiwari gets up and sits on the edge on the mountain. Vibhu starts pointing laser at Tiwari. Tiwari signals him to shoot. Vibhu shoots him and Tiwari falls down. MasterJi gets scared and asks, who fired the shot? Everyone gets confused. Dr. Gupta spots Vibhu and sees a gun in his hand. Angoori realise that Tiwari is not sitting and has disappeared. Everyone gets up to find him.

Vibhu is behind the bars and constable in locking him in. Angoori and Anu walks in and asks Vibhu, why did he shoot Tiwari? Vibhu says, because Tiwari asked him to do it. Constable tells Vibhu to stop lying. Vibhu explains them the whole situation that Tiwari will give him 5 lakhs for that. Commissioner comes in shuts Vibhu up. Angoori gets a call and she gets surprised while talking on it. Angoori hangs up and tells her milkman won’t be giving milk tomorrow. Commissioner asks Monohar to take out his belt embedded with ammunition. Vibhu starts crying.

Anu and Angoori are sitting together. Angoori is getting stressed and saying, what if Tiwari flew with the river. Anu tries to calm her down. Happu Singh walks inside and greets them both. Angoori asks Happu to do something. Happu asks few people to get Tiwari inside. They brings Tiwari body and keeps it on the sofa. Angoori sees the body and left bewildered.


Tiwari comes back to life. Angoori asks him, if he remembers her? Tiwari asks her who is she?
David tells Anu that angel will come and give justice to Vibhu. Saxena walks in and says that he’s ready to fight Vibhu’s case.
Ammaji slaps Tiwari, because he was arguing with her. Ammaji again tries to slap him but, he grabs her hand and twists it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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