Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori is Looking for a Job.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori is talking to Ammaji. Tiwari walks upto her and sits beside her. Angoori has sarees placed on the table. Tiwari asks Angoori, who gifted these? Angoori tells him that its not gift, but she shopped her. Tiwari gets disappointed and asks her, how much did she spent? Angoori says, 30k. Tiwari asks her where did she get all this money. Angoori replies, from the locker. Tiwari asks Angoori, how many sarees does she has? Angoori replies, a lot. Tiwari gets angry and asks Angoori that what was the need to boy these sarees? Angoori says that she really liked them. Tiwari gets even more furious and says that she doesn’t care about his hard work. Angoori asks Tiwari that why is he shouting at her? Tiwari tells her that first earn 30k in market then talk to him. Angoori starts crying and throws all the sarees and leaves. Tiwari tells her to prepare food.

Everyone is sitting at the tea stall and wondering why Anu called everyone here. Anu walks upto her and tells everyone that she called everyone her to initiate a campaign against people who drink alcohol and tease other people. Teeka gets sad asks Anu, why is she doing? Anu tells him that she’s not against people who drink, but against them who who drink and tease people. Anu also tells everyone that commissioner is in this campaign with them, and ordered Manohar to keep a closer into this matter. MasterJi gets excited and tells Anu that he really respects her decision and will help her in all the needs. Dr. Gupta suggests Anu that she should ban the use of alcohol, which will be easier. Prem asks Dr. Gupta, what is his problem? Teeka and Tillu also agrees with him. Teeka tells Gupta that they drunk off their own money, not like you who drink with anyone just because it will be free. Gupta tells them that he was just giving a suggestion. Prem tells him to shut up. Anu says that Gupta is also right. Teeka tells Anu that he cannot survive without alcohol. Anu tells him that she understands that too and tells him thus this campaign is against people to tease people after getting drunk. Saxena also shows up and asks Anu if she is beating people who will tease people after drinking? Anu replies, yes. Saxena asks her, what will be the procedure of the beating? Anu tells him that firstly, he will be beaten up with MasterJi’s stick, then Manohar will start beating with his wooden baton.

Angoori is crying and regretting her marriage with Tiwari. Anu comes and sits beside her. Anu tells Angoori that she has initiated a campaign. Angoori asks her, what is she doing in that? Anu tells her that she has initiated this campaign to fight against the people who drink and tease people. Angoori appreciates her decision. Anu hand over few pamphlets to Angoori and asks her if she can distribute these with her knowns. Angoori says that she will do it. Angoori again gets sad. Anu asks Angoori, what happened? Angoori starts crying. Anu asks her, what happened? Angoori tells her that Tiwari disrespected her just because she bought 3 sarees worth 30k. Anu suggests Angoori that then she should earn her own money to make Tiwari regret. Angoori asks Anu if this is possible? Anu says yes. She’s an example too. Anu motivates Angoori and tells Angoori that she will find a job for her.

David and Vibhu are sitting together. David frustrated and asks Vibhu where is the leftover drink they were drinking last night. David finds the bottle and starts drinking it. Vibhu tells David to drink it on his own risk because Anu has initiated a campaign against people who drink. David puts back the bottle. Anu comes and sits with Vibhu. Anu tells Vibhu to find a job for Angoori. Vibhu says that he will try his best. Vibhu also tells Anu that her campaign might nit work. Anu asks him, why? Vibhu tells her that a person can drink all the time and will continue on doing it despite the campaign. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s only against the people who drink and tease people. David gets joyous and takes out the bottle again. Vibhu suggests Anu that she should also take Teeka and Tillu with her. Anu tells Vibhu that she can’t even take him on this campaign because she’s not accepting people who drink in her team. David gets angry and starts shouting after drinking. Anu call MasterJi. MasterJi shows up with his stick and beats him. Vibhu tells him that he already warned him.

Vibhu asks Angoori what kind of job is she looking for? Anu asks Vibhu to give her suggestions. Vibhu tells her that he’s really confused. A thief is running past them with is bag is his hand. The owner of the bag is also running behind him asking for help. Angoori throws a bottlegourd at him. The thief fall down and Angoori catches him. Angoori starts beating him and tells him that stealing is a sin. The thief apologises her and leaves. The owner of the bag gets shocked after seeing Angoori

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