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Bhagya Lakshmi 13th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwinder thinking to search someone to reach inside. His friend spots him and asks where was he, he had promised to make him of wine. Balwinder says he will give him English wine, if nor caught. His friend goes. Balwinder thinks he is coming here in disguise since a year and thinks he shall get Lakshmi as the reward. He thinks two Ravan will be burnt today. Karishma gives compliment to Dadi that she is looking good. Dadi says atleast you said and asks Virender about everyone. He says they will come, just as they get ready. Rishi comes there. Neelam asks him to get ready. Dadi asks him to make Lakshmi also get ready. Rishi asks shall I make her get ready. Dadi says naughty and asks if he understood. Karishma asks her to say correctly. Neelam asks where is Ayush? Virender says he left. Karishma says he always sing praises for Lakshmi.

Rishi comes to room and sees Lakshmi ready. He says beautiful. Lakshmi smiles and asks lets go. Rishi says yes. She says you didn’t change your clothes and asks him to change, says she will go outside. He stops her and says we will go together. Lakshmi asks if I shall see you changing. Rishi says yes. He then asks her to close her eyes, he will change and then they will go out. Lakshmi keeps hand on her eyes. Rishi gets ready and asks her to see. lakshmi asks him to get ready first. He says he has changed the clothes. Lakshmi looks at him. They are twinning with each other. Main phir bhi plays…Lakshmi says you are looking good. Rishi asks her to call him handsome. Lakshmi calls him handsome dude. Rishi says my beautiful babe, lets go.

Balwinder is about to give bouquet to Bani, but turns hearing Shalu. Bani tells that someone was calling her, just then she called her. Shalu asks if he was Balwinder. Bani says don’t know. Balwinder thinks he would have given the bouquet to Bani mistakenly. He sees a girl and goes to her. The girl slaps her and goes. Balwinder gets angry. Rishi hears him and comes to him. He sees Balwinder and recalls Lakshmi’s conversation with Shalu and Ayush. He says Balwinder, you have come here again. He takes him to his room and beats him asking why did he come?

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