Bhagya Lakshmi 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Lakshmi go on a bike ride

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The inspector mentions that Rishi is free without any charges, he even hugs Aayush before standing in front of Lakshmi, Aayush hits him in the back causing him to hug her, she asks if he is fine when he exclaims if she is fine then even, he is okay. Rishi thanks the Inspector but he replies that Rishi should thank is wife because the pen drive which proved his innocence was brought by his wife, the lady constable explains his wife can even give her life for him so can she not bring the pen drive as such a lovely relationship is not seen in the present time, Malishka is jealous.

Balvinder angrily enters the room exclaiming that he made such efforts but they all went in vain, Malishka become the heroine while he trying to become a good person ending up becoming the devil, how can he explain to Lakshmi that he is doing it all for her.

Kiran sitting on the couch thinks that Malishka would surely get trapped one day because of this Balvinder but she doesnot listen to their concerns, Balvinder in anger starts hitting the vase in the room, Kiran wonder from where is the sound coming from as there is no one in the house beside her, she notices that there is someone from the room. Kiran recalls how Rishi explained that Balvinder might also try to harm her, Kiran picks up a rod thinking she would surely teach him a lesson.

Rishi along with Lakshmi and Aayush come out of the police station, Aayush asks what does Nani say about this situation, Rishi replies, “All is well that ends well” he demands it in Hindi which Lakshmi explains, Aayush mentions it all happened because of her. Malishka thinks Lakshmi knows how to trap everyone with her words including the terrorists and even the workers, Aayush explains that rishi should celebrate this moment with Lakshmi but she refuses explaining they have to inform the family however Aayush assures they should not worry about anyone and Rishi must leave with Lakshmi. He even hands the bike keys when Lakshmi explains there is no need to thank her, Rishi mentions they are not two separate beings so she does a lot for him, explaining Aayush meant that she values him a lot, he is always thinking what would happen when she is not in his life, Aayush asks why would he remain alone as she will always stay by his side, Lakshmi also agrees when Rishi explains now she would always stay with him, Malishka mentions she would not stay after the divorce, Aayush asks who is she to say such a thing and he can give it to her in written that they would not get any divorce, Malishka explains Lakshmi herself demanded the divorce, Rishi explains Dadi also says they should live in the moment as who has seen the future, Rishi offers to take her hand but Lakshmi is standing there quietly, Aayush questions why is she not taking his hand as it is her right, Rishi replies he is happy if she wants anything else, Malishka is glad that she was able to spoil the mood of Lakshmi by talking about the divorce, Rishi is about to lift his hand but Lakshmi takes it explaining her happiness is with him now and even in the future, Rishi along with Lakshmi walk towards the bike, he helps her wear the helmet which makes Malishka really jealous. Rishi also wears the helmet while they both are smiling, Lakshmi helps him with his helmet before they both sit on the bike, Malishka is not able to see the moment but Aayush is smiling. Rishi and Lakshmi leave off in the bike.

Aayush turning to Malishka asks if she is fine as he can see the smoke coming as if something is going on, he immediately with a smile mentions it was from the bike. Aayush offers to drop her when she angrily goes to close the door of the car, he exclaims she has gotten really hurt but it doesnot matter.

Lakshmi sitting in the car says it is all the fault of Balvinder as he dropped the pen drive which Lakshmi showed to Rishi, and they both went for a bike ride, Aayush asks if she said anything, she replies he should just take her back home calling him a driver so he stops the car, she says he should first listen as she did not call him a driver but said she can call him if he is in a hurry he replies he also stopped to listen to her, asking if they can leave so she agrees and they drive off.

Balvinder sits on the bed but after standing is stunned to see Kiran, she immediately tries to close the door when he requests her to listen mentioning Malishka called him here, she replies her daughter would have informed her but he forces the door open explaining Malishka asked her to stay here since he doesnot have any other place to stay, he assures he is not lying swearing on his mother, she asks if he has a mother when he explains he has a lot of respect for her even if she died, he offers to call Malishka but Kiran stops him explaining he is trying to trap her as she is with Rishi, Balvinder sits down exclaiming he was wrong to come to them both for help explaining he doesnot have anything, Balvinder thinks he is forced to bear her as he doesnot have a single penny.

Rishi and Lakshmi are riding when he asks if she is having fun, explaining she would not have gone on a bike ride like this, Lakshmi explains she never thought she would ride in such big cars but only desired to walk on the roadside with her husband, Rishi starts smiling.

Aayush stops the car explaining they have reached her house, he asks why she not said thank you, Malishka mentions one doesnot say thankyou to the family members, Aayush exclaims he can accept if she feels like it but she would not be married to Rishi.

Rishi suddenly stops the bike asking her to come out, she asks what happened as this is not the parking area when Rishi explains there is something important but Lakshmi doesnot understand it, he mentions they must fulfill her dream.

Malishka is really furious walking in the house thinking it all happened because of Balvinder and if she finds him then would surely beat him, Balvinder greets her but she asks if he has any idea what sort of problem has he created, he doesnot know so she reveals he lost the pen drive and became the hero in the eyes of Rishi so went on a ride, Malishka starts beating him when he requests Kiran to console her asking what happened, she reveals Lakshmi showed the pen drive to Rishi after which she left with her hands in his arms like they both used to, Balvinder exclaims Rishi is a shameless person as he went with Lakshmi while they both are crying. Kiran asks her if she asked Balvinder to stay here but she refuses.

Lakshmi asks what the dream is he is talking about, Rishi replies it is her dream to walk with her husband in the cold breeze, she starts staring at him getting emotional when he asks if they can walk, Rishi exclaims he doesnot have the habit of walking with her and is also a big businessman, he replies he is just her husband for now which stuns Lakshmi. Rishi forcefully takes the helmet placing it on the bike while signaling her to start walking, Lakshmi starts smiling while Rishi holds her hand after a while, he exclaims now her dream would be fulfilled. Lakshmi doesnot believe her dream is being fulfilled, Rishi asks if she only saw she is walking with her husband but did not hear them talk with eachother, she mentions she just wanted to walk saying they can talk if he desires explaining even the quietness says a lot if they listen to it, Rishi getting confused turns back to look at her smiling.

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