Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka gets info from Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi hugging Lakshmi, just as he sees her in the jail. Main phir bhi tumko plays….He asks her to say. Lakshm asks what? Rishi says the same thing which typical wives say, that their husbands have become lean. Lakshmi says I don’t have right to say this, as you are here because of me. She says yes, you have become very lean. Rishi says he is habitual to eat home food, and can’t eat jail food. Lakshmi asks why did you take the blame on yourself, if you would have been at home then would have eaten home food. Rishi says I couldn’t eat food when you was in jail. He says he can’t see her in trouble and that’s why can’t see her in jail. Lakshmi asks if I don’t care for you, and asks him to stay in jail, stay hungry and says she will not come to meet him, and will not bring food for him. Rishi asks why is she getting angry? Lakshmi asks who has started it? Rishi says the husband have to apologize due to wife like you. He says sorry. She says I am sorry too. Rishi says you are different and tells that Mom never said sorry to Dad. Lakshmi says I will tell Mummy ji. Rishi says he was joking to make her smile. Neelam smiles. Rishi also smiles. Song plays again. Lakshmi tells him that she has brought all his favorite food from home, and shows the tiffin. She feeds food in Rishi’s mouth. Rishi feeds her and asks her to feed him with her hand. Lakshmi says I have made it. Rishi says it doesn’t have salt. He then says he is joking. They eat the food. Rishi asks her to make him eat fast, and says he wants her to eat on time else he will not talk to her for 6 months. He says take me out from here. Lakshmi asks him about Mukesh. Rishi says he is trustable, but I can’t say that if he gets greedy or helpless to get money from someone. Lakshmi says she will meet him. Rishi says he ate the food and asks her to make him eat gulab jamun. She makes him eat gulab jamun and asks him to wipe his hand with her pallu. He asks who does this? Lakshmi says my Bau ji. Rishi asks if he loved your mother so much. He wipes his hands and mouth with her pallu. He asks about the case. Lakshmi says she will meet Mukesh. Lady constable comes and asks Lakshmi to come out. Rishi asks her to take care of herself. Lakshmi goes. Rishi looks at her, and thinks she went just now and I am missing her.

Virender talks to Mayank. Ayush comes there. virender says legal notice came. Ayush says our regular clients have cancelled all their deals and contracts. Mayank tells him that food dept sent us notice. Ayush says due to Rishi’s statement. Virender says they will sort out everything. Mayank says sorry to say this, if Rishi Sir haven’t given this statement then this wouldn’t have happened. Virender says whatever he did is to save Lakshmi. Ayush says he did right.

Malishka comes to meet Rishi and thinks why he didn’t come to meet her. She thinks she will murder Lakshmi. Rishi comes there. Malishka hugs him and says I missed you so much. She asks why did you take blame on yourself to save Lakshmi. She says we would have freed her. Rishi asks why she will stay here? Malishka says you are Rishi Oberoi and asks if you are looking good in jail and for whom? Rishi says for Mrs. Lakshmi Oberoi. Malishka says it is a suicide. Rishi says it is not from my point of view, I can’t see Lakshmi tortured. Malishka asks can’t you see me tortured. She says I am your Malishka, who loves you truly and saved you from terrorists, I didn’t care for my life, risked my life and frees your hands. She says you thought Lakshmi great as she took you on her shoulders. Rishi says whatever Lakshmi did is to..Malishka says I would have done this, or Ayush would have done and says Lakshmi didn’t do a great thing., today everyone and you are on her side. Rishi asks if you came to badmouth about Lakshmi or to meet me. Malishka says I came to meet my love and asks him not to be sarcastic. She says with whom she can share her sorrows. She says she will hire best lawyer for him. Rishi says Dad and Ayush will handle. Malishka asks him to take Lakshmi’s name also. She says I want to do this for you, and asks if I shall give my life for you. She hits her head on the wall. Rishi tries to stop her and says if you have gone mad? Malishka asks why don’t you understand. Rishi says this is PS, don’t do any drama. She says you took Lakshmi’s blame on yourself, so I will take your blame on me. She says I will think myself lucky if I save you. Rishi says it is not needed and tells that Lakshmi will save him. Malishka says how and asks him to tell her. Rishi says Lakshmi said that if they talk to Mukesh, then will get some info. She says Lakshmi went to meet him and says I will be out soon. Malishka says bye. He goes inside. Malishka thinks she can’t let this happen.

Balwinder shows his hand to a palmist. The palmist tells that if you love someone then you will get something, but your life is in danger. Balwinder says the danger is behind jail. The palmist says that danger is behind you. Malishka thinks she has to save herself then she will get Rishi. Balwinder sees Malishka’s speedy car and asks Palmist if she is the trouble. Malishka drives fast. Balwinder and Palmist run away.

A goon comes to the prison and starts beating Rishi, saying his brother is in hospital due to you. Rishi says I don’t know your brother. He hits back. Balwinder gets saved, the car hits another car. Palmist asks for the money. Balwinder gives him money. Malishka gets down and scolds the other car owner. She asks the lady to give money for the damage. The lady also argues with her. Balwinder thinks to save her. Rishi tells the goon that he didn’t do anything. The goon tells that he has done 4 murders and will murder him today.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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