Bigg Boss 16 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 17th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 16
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and sings the anthem.

8:30 AM
Archana says don’t open the door, there will be mosquitoes. No one will open the door. Priyanka says I will. Archana says don’t open it now. Nimrit says this point won’t air Archana relax. Archana says your blood is black. Nimrit says Archana mind your language. People start shouting here in the morning. Keep your derogatory remarks to yourself. She says to Gautam we ignore her but this isn’t okay. Calling my blood black?

9 AM
Shiv massages Archana’s head. Abdu says you are over after this full body massage. He laughs. Archana teases him. She says listen. Abdu fights with her.

11:30 AM
Shalin comes to Tina. She gets ready. Abdu comes. Shalin says he’s the third wheel. He says all girls are impressed by him. Tina says he is amazing. Abdu says I only talk to Tina. Shalin laughs. Archana says whose cratonic boxers are these? Ankit? Priyanka says he’s not that childish. Shiv says it’s mine. Archana laughs, she says you kept them on the gutter to dry.

12 PM
Nimrit asks Archana did you take our rice? She says no. They come to Sajid’s room. Sajid says are you accusing us of theft? Nimrit says we are checking everywhere with Gautam. He is the captain. Nimrit finds it in her own room. Archana says I have already started cooking. Nimrit says we couldn’t find out the rice. She says Tina could give it. Nimrit says I was in charge. Archana says I can’t cook now. Shiv says you started looking in our room before your own?> She says we couldn’t find it. He says you went to accuse us first before checking your own room? She says don’t make mountains out of a mole hill. It’s not a mistake. She says everyone is going crazy. Shiv says this isn’t right. Don’t cry and overact not. Nimrit says how dare you to call it over acting? Nimrit cries in her room. Sajid says she checked everyone’s room but then she apologized. Soundaaray calms Nimrit down. Gautam comes there too. Nimrit says I told him not to push it. Sajid says this isn’t okay. You came to our room first no one liked it. Nimrit says I have anxiety issues, I am not taking my medicine. Don’t push me like this and create issues out of nothing.

Shiv tells Abdu Nimrit was checking our room before her own. Nimrit says people keep shouting all the time. Can’t I lose patience either? Shiv says no one is getting enough diet. Abdu hugs Nimrit. Shalin says I don’t want to say anything. She says Gautam isn’t being a true friend and standing for us. Just be yourself and say the truth. Shalin says he is trying. He is partial of course.

2:30 PM
Tina says to Stan you have to ring the dong first and become the captain. Bigg Boss asks Shalin and Tina to come to the confession room. He asks what’s going on? Shalin says people talk all the time about friendships. Tina says we are good friends but we are avoiding each other since morning. Bigg Boss says so because of them speaking you will stop talking to each other? Tina says I get confused. He says so am I. What will you say about Gautam? Tina says he doesn’t stand by his friends. They leave. Tina says do I look good Bigg boss? I wanna know that only. Shalin says shut up.

Bigg Boss calls Gautam and says you are fire. He called everyone in the living are.

2:45 PM
Bigg Boss says Gautam you were an active captain. You made many difficult decisions. You said things like I am doing this because Bigg Boss asked or because of this decision.

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