Bigg Boss 16 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 21st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 19
1:15 AM
Priyanka says Mr. captain when will the dishes be done? You were after us. Manya says you should do it. Shiv says it’s your fault. Manya says I will do the dishes when I want. Priyanka says Shalin will sleep, who will do the dishes.

1:30 AM
Gautan, Soundarya and Tina are in bed. They laugh. Tina says Nimrit is gone. Archana goes out and sleeps on the sofa. Nimrit comes in. Shalin says she’s sleeping on the sofa. Gautam says why do you all come to my room. TIna says let’s go Archana. Gautam says Archu let’s go. We won’t talk now. She says you guys don’t let me sleep. Tina says you wanted to be with Archana. Nimrit says if you wanna do something with Priyanka and Archana I am ready. Nimrit scares Archana. She says let me sleep. They run out. Archana says I made a mistake by coming to this room. They all laugh. Nimrit falls. Priyanka says guys please control your volume we need to sleep. They all scare Priyanka. Priyanka says let me sleep. I fall sick, I have health issues. The captain is doing it himself. I won’t let anyone sleep now. Wake up, everyone. She says there is a limit. What kind of captain are you? Archana says we need to sleep. Manya says this house isn’t your dad’s. Priyanka says don’t you dare to bring my dad in it. Have some shame. Manya says don’t show me this finer.

2:30 AM
Archana says I want a lighter. She says to Gautam no one will sleep now. I will wake Shiv up too. Archana says I wanna smoke. Soundarya takes her inside. Priyanka says this Manya is a weird girl.

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