Bigg Boss 16 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 24th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar Suman welcomes everyone.
He says Karan taught them a lecture on love. He has set the right fire. I will only add some oil. He meets everyone. Shekhar sings a poem. He wishes them all a happy Diwali. Shekhar says you face many challenges there. So much happens in this house, the brain fuses. Let’s have firecrackers between you guys. Shekhar says Bigg boss Diwali is different. Hearts burn, and relationships blast. Bigg Boss says Abdu and Sajid are always together. Abdu says I love it, bro. He says there was a film Tina, hum tumare hain kon. She laughs. Shekhar says love is like a mistake, we don’t agree but others can see it. He says Archana, she’s a string bomb. She blasts here and there. Gori and Archana had such a big fight that the Taliban and Russia declared themselves peaceful. Russia wanted to learn about their dragon fruit bomb. He asks Stan, why were you so happy after cleaning the washroom? He laughs. Shekhar raps like Stan. Everyone claps. Shekhar says I love your hairstyle. Shekhar sings dil ke arman for Sumbul. He says if we collected Sumbul’s tears we would have a flood in this house. Some people would have been in two boats together. Sajid would sing on a corner and fish. Then fish would say he bro it’s about.

Shekhar says after Shiv’s amazing captaincy Archana is the captaini. She also wants to be a minister but no one listens to her. Archana says if I could should like them they would all listen. Shekhar speaks like her. She laughs.

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