Bigg Boss 16 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 2nd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 31
8 PM
Ankit hugs Priyanka. She says don’t touch me. Move from here. I don’t want all this. He says I am talking. she says you never talk. You don’t exist me. Keep it like that. He says you want it like that? She says yes. He says okay. Ankit leaves in anger. Priyanka cries. Abdu asks Soundarya Gautam Sharma how are you? She says I am fine Abdu drama Rozik. He says how are you SOundarya Gautam Sharma? She says my father will fight with you. Sajid consoles Priyanka. He says don’t cry. she says he always does rubbish. He does this every time. He says I do this myself. Sajid says we know how much you care for me. Priyanka says he is always happy alone. Nothing matters to him. Sajid says he’s always with you. He cares for you. He cares for you a lot. He eats with you only.

8:30 PM
Abdu and Nimrit say Gori and Stan aren’t talking. Sajid says to Ankit let it be pleas.e He says I am also done. She thinks she is always right. Abdu says they’re tiring to influence them. Abdu says Soundarya and Gautam have been sitting with Gori and Stan. Shiv says Gautam and Soundarya are doing right as per their game. MC and Gori will come back here.

11:15 PM
Ankit sits next to Priyanka. She says go from here. He says I won’t’ take your permission. She says don’t show me this attitude. Do you want me to start talking right away. He says okay you have fun. I have no hope for you. She says you gave me this change. He says should I say old things in front of the camera. Priyanka says what? Don’t threaten me. Say it. I was never wrong. He says you never accept when you are wrong. Priyanka says should I say things from your past? See your threats. He says see yourself. I have seen enough. She says yeah you have seen enough that I have given you so much room. He says yeah you’re never wrong. Priyanka says I was an idiot and that I always ended up trusting you. She asks Gori is there an empty bed in your room? Gori takes her. Priyanka cries to Sajid. she says he said should I say things on camera? What would I say? What past? Ankit says you have made mistakes too. Everyone is right and you’re wrong. Priyanka says I was happy when I wasn’t talking to you for 5 months. Shiv Stan and Gori console Priyanka.

Sajid says to Ankit she is hurt because they brought them past. Ankit says I also have a tolerance level. Sajid says just hug her and end this. That’s all she needs. Priyanka says we didn’t speak for 5 months. I fixed things. I went back to him. I shared things with him and he wants to say them on TV? Ankit comes there and tries to hug her. Priyanka says he said he will say things in the past. I want to know what he meant. Ankit hugs her. Priyanka says what was it? Gori says there’s nothing. Sajid says say sorry Ankit. Ankit says I am sorry. Abdu hugs them. She laughs. Sajid says she see is smiling. Tina, Shalin and Nimrit say are they fake?

11:30 PM
Sajid says so much emotions and it’s just friendship. Tina says they’re always together. Gautam and Ankit discuss how Shalin is fake. Gautam says everyone can see it. Ankit says he says I smile because I am nice. They laugh. Sumbul comes. Ankit says you give me strenght. I felt like I am stuck at the wrong place but then I see you I feel some motivation. They laugh.

12:45 AM
Priyanka says you said I can say things from past. I had to make you say it otherwise I would look wrong. He says I am sorry.

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