Bigg Boss 16 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 4th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everyone. He says before we move ahead recall what happened last night. What Gautam did was to make sure that Tina doesn’t become the captain. Gautam and Shalin had another fight. But they start talking after a while. Let’s see who Shiv has chosen. Shiv calls MC Stan. He comes to Abdu and takes Sumbul. Everyone claps. Sajid and Nimrit hug Abdu. Abdu is very happy. He dances around. Shiv says I am taking out Sumbul because she’s not involved more. Stan will be good after a while. So Abdu is the captain. Abdu hugs Shiv. Bigg Boss congratualtes him. They all dance to his song Chota Bhai Jaan.

Abdu says I am very happy. Tina says that form your mind only. Gautam asks Soundarya I asked you if you had a thing with Himanshu. She says if I had a thing I would tell you. Gautam says he said there are many guys. There’s a list. Soundarya says what does a list mean? Gautam says I trust you hence I didn’t even ask you. Soundarya says if you love a girl you won’t be listening to these things. You will misbehave with me? I was stopping you from fighting. He says he was abusing me. Soundarya says so you will give him attention? Gautam says I am not scared of him. Why would I stop? Soundarya says I was stopping for you. Gautam says they’re making stories. I am frustrated with proving myself. I don’t trust Shalin so I didn’t even ask you anything. Soundarya says Tina said no one is questioning you but Gautam. Gautam says everyone is calling Shalin fake. Soundarya says I told them if he was fake I would know. Gautam says if you think I am fake we will stay herre as friend. We will go and see outside. I’ve never given anyone so much justification.

7:30 PM
Abdu plans the duties.

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