Bigg Boss 16 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 6th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka vaar
Day 34
2 AM
Archana says to Tina when anyone goes to the bathroom this camera gives a very bad angle. Tina says to learn to respect every girl. People know what they’re doing. Priyanka Ankit goes too. Don’t make a point of it. We go with a mic. we don’t do what was shown to you today. Bigg Boss understands everything. Gautam says if Shalin was there he won’t have pressed it. If I did, he won’t have. Priyanka says you did for Soundarya. Gautam says I thought Soundarya would hug me for letting 25 lacs go. Soundarya laughs. She says Sajid’s buzzer was most shocking.

Archana says to Sumbul Salman told us things, you didn’t have to come out and tell people things. Tina said she knew everything. Do I tell your things to people? Sumbul says it was part of the telecast. Sumbul says I can tell people what I want. Archana says this is why you’re not moving ahead. Sumbul says what? I don’t care about not moving ahead here. I don’t care. Tina says do you even know who she is? She’s heroin. Her show is number 1. Go out and google her. Sumbul says to go out and check all she has done is life so early. She didn’t have to beg Bigg Boss for four years. She was invited this year by them. Archana says I was also invited. Tina says you told us you got rejected. Sumbul says your acting isn’t working. Tina says she gets nominated everytime. Archana says you don’t even play Tina. You’re a puppet. She says at least I don’t get nominated.

Archana says to Soundarya Sumbul telling everyone what was telecasted. Sumbul told everyone. Sumbul says I can tell people what I want. Archana says this is why no one cares about you. Sumbul says I know who cares about me. Soundarya asks Sumbul. Sumbul says I didn’t tell anyone anything. I told them they played voices. Soundarya says end this topic, please. Sumbul says Soundarya did I ever say anything bad about you? Archana says I am from movies you TV people don’t know me. Tina says no one even knows your movie. What was your side role? At least people watch our movies. Sounadrya says please don’t discuss this topic. Gautam says no one will talk about that topic. Archana says Sumbul started it. Sumbul says we all know you started it. Don’t shout on me.

2:30 AM
Archana says I’ve done movies and I contested for elections. Nimrit says and got rejected? Look at all Sumbul has done at the age of 18. Gautam says to Soundarya don’t talk to Shalin, Sumbul, Tina, or Archana. This is our personal matter. They will bring in everything. Shiv says the doctor has asked him to not stay in noisy places. I’ve medical reason. Tina says why did you come to this house then. Archana says Tina Bhabhi, how are you? Tina says what’s your problem? No one gives you any line so you are jealous. Sumbul says there was a tweet Priyanka literally ate Archana. Gautam says if anyone discusses our topic now I will show them how to answer. Shalin says I will marry Archana. Everyone will call Mrs. Archana. Tina says it’s coming on my character. Shalin says she only says weird things. Archana says love like Gautam openly. Tina says bring Gautam. Shalin comes and says you wanna handle Archana? She’s talking about your character. Tina says she said Gautam loves in bathroom and openly. Soundarya says enough Archana. Stop talking about me. Don’t shout. Archana says I was calling Tina bhabhi. Be open Shalin. Shalin saays we don’t need to answer you. Sumbul says her only identity is a ginger. That’s why she’s jealous. Archana says wow third perosn is also here. Shalin says stop talking about people’s personal’s lives. Archana shouts. Priyanka says stop it Archana. Have you gone crazy? Archana says I will hit him. Souundarya and Priyanka hold her. Archana says I will break your face.

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