Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 36
8:45 PM
Soundarya sits in Gautam’s lap. Gautam says why do you fight with me? Soundarya says I never thought I would date a Punjabi in my life. He says you must never have seen a lover like me. Abdu laughs. Shiv says why are you laughing? Gautam says I am sleeping like a good boy for 3 days. Soundarya laughs. Abdu says Nimrit see. She says I saw already. They laugh. Gautam says I want to win this for you. Soundarya kisses him on the cheek. Abdu says it’s out of the bathroom. He says Sajid you’re missing. Abdu laughs. Soundarya says why are you giving me extra attention? He says are you fine? She says yes. Abdu sits in Shiv’s lap. He says my father and mother see. They laugh. Shiv says come here.

Stan is upset. Nimrit says we are all with you. Abdu and Nimrit hug Stan. Sajid says tell us what’s in your heart? Do you miss home? Stan sleeps in the other room. Gorisays don’t cry. He says everyone is fake here. I don’t want to change for a show. I can’t fake feelings. I will go crazy here. Gori says to stay strong.

10:30 PM
Priyanka says if you can’t cook Sumbul tell Abdu. There is no vegetable on our plate. People take in groups. Nimrit says I only ate one roti. Priyanka says I wasn’t counting yours. I will speak if I don’t get equal food. Tina says I served myself. Shiv took himself. Priyanka says then we will take ourselves too. Nimrit says this is very petty. The quantity of food you eat, no one counts. Priyanka says I was talking to Tona. Don’t come between for footage. Everyone will get equal food. Nimrit says you took my name. I only ate one thing. This is so cheap. Priyanka says we always distributed food equally. You are cheap. You don’t care about others. That’s you tbhat you don’t leave food for others. Nimrit says we can see how petty you are. Soundarya says why are you abusing Nimrit? This isn’t okay. Gori cries. Soundarya consoles her.

12:30 AM
Abdu and everyone come to Ankit and wish him a happy birthday. They’ve made a cake. Abdu hugs him. Ankit says thank you. Priyanka says they’re doing this to make me feel better. Because I don’t have chocolates. Everyone hugs Ankit. Ankit goes back to sleep. Priyanka comes and says done? They’re doing this to make me feel better.

Day 37
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

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