Bigg Boss 16 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 9
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to Bigg Boss alarm and sings Bigg Boss anthem.

8:45 AM
Abdu says to Sajid you made me look bad. Sajid says will you like it if I go? He says no. Abdu says Archana I want pizza. Sajid says please Bigg Boss gives us pizza.

9 AM
Soundarya says Priyanka isn’t feeling well. Let her go from my problem. Nimrit says I don’t have that option.

9:15 AM
Abdu says give me coffee. Shiv says Abdu kids have milk. He pretends to be a kid. Sajid says he has many girlfriends. Tina says you are a man, do you drink milk? He says I’ve to be strong.
Soundarya says my bag is gone. She’s become personal. Priyanka says if she gets personal with me, I will get the same. I have been doing my duty. Priyanka says this duty should be given to the people who broke the rule. Do not take personal revenge.

9:45 AM
Tina says to Shalin, I don’t feel comfortable with you. She is always with you. I can’t even talk to you. He says she needs support. Tina says are you fooling yourself or Sumbul? She says she’s young, and at this age people get emotional. Tina says you’re too dumb. He says I am stuck.

10 AM
Tina and Shalin talk. MC Stan says he heard Shalin and Tina talking if Sumbul and Shalin have a thing. Shiv says is there anything between them? Stan says said he considers her a kid but Tina said she might have feelings. Soundarya and Stan whisper.. Big Boss asks them to not whisper and be clear.

Sajid asks Shiv what does protein shake does. Shiv says it makes your natural muscles grow. Sajid says no injections? Abdu says what do injections do? Sajid says make you fluff. Abdu laughs.

10:15 AM
Shalin and Soundarya run on the treadmill. Tina says you can’t do it Shalin. You are trying to impress Soundarya. Soundarya kisses his cheek. They all laugh. Soundarya says who got the kiss? Sreejita says Gautam is jealous. They laugh. Tina says he won’t’ shower for 2 days.

1 PM
Shalin asks Sumbul what is bothering you? She says there is no one to talk to. He says I can’t be with you all the time. You have to go and talk to people. She says I am not asking you. I can’t interfere in other people’s conversations.

Gautam says she was messing with my things. Tina says she was just having fun. Gautam says I don’t like this.

1:30 PM
Shalin tells Tina Sumbul said no one is talking to her. She doesn’t like it. She says what do you talk to her about? Shalin says she said she can relate to me. Tina says okay then don’t talk to her for the whole day and let’s see if she bothers or not. He says how can I do that? Sumbul comes there. Tina and Shalin talk about Gautam. Tina says Gautam said he’s old school. He doesn’t like these things. He says it happened because of you. Sumbul says she kissed you on her own. Tina says is he in love? He is very upset.

2:45 PM
Shalin says to Archana please cook for me. You can cook it very easily. She says I will cook it in the last. Gautam says to Soundarya when things are straight we shouldn’t mess them up. She says yes. Archana says I will go to the doctor and ask if Shalin would die if he doesn’t eat chicken. Sumbul says mind your language. Nimrit says Archana I told you not to say these things while cooking. She says sorry I forgot. Shalin comes there. He says it will be cooked in a few minutes. Shalin says I will cook myself. I will handle the punishment.

Archana says to Ankit you also eat chicken right? do you die without eating it. I used to eat it every day. Now he’s acting like a hero that he can’t live without chicken.

3 PM
Tina says to Abdy throw Archana in the pool you will look s*xy. He laughs.

4 PM
Gautam says to Shalin I wasn’t expecting this from you. Shalin says Tina told me she’s upset. I need space. I can’t handle Sumbul. I don’t know how to make her feel. Tina told me to flirt with Soundarya and Sumbul will get the hint. Now Sumbul is despressed. Shalin says I thought there was nothing from you two. Gautam says if she has feelings for you I will back off. Gautam says you’re a brother to me. Shalin says just to be sure if you have any feelings.

Shalin says to Tina it was your idea. Tina says I told you to flirt with anyone. Shalin says then you said not me and Nimrit. Gautam says I am saying if you knew everything why did you keep this option? Tina says Shalin isn’t a kid. Shalin says don’t put it on me. Shlain leaves in anger. Tina says he is playing mind games. He isn’t a child. Soundarya comes there. Tina says he was telling me himself Sumbul was suffocating him. So I asked him to flirt with other people. Mark her territory. Shalin comes back. He says if I am having fun, how am I being blamed? Soundarya lveaes. Tina says stop behaving like a kid. Shalin says she gave me the idea.

4:45 PM
Shiv says to Abdu we have to be strong like woods tied together.

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