Manvitha :Why this Ashwin is not going ? How will I get that short note

Sid : Akele mein kya baat kar rahi ho ?

Manvitha turned back and took a breath

Manvitha : Sid and Rhea you both scared me .

Rhea : Why are you hiding here ?

Manvitha : I am just playing Hide and Seek with Ashwin.

Sid : What ?

Rhea : She is crazy . Mannu clearly tell what are you doing ?

Manvitha : Okay baaba

As Manvitha told about the thank you note Sid-Rhea got impressed

Sid : This is like a new way of step towards love

Kumkum Bhagya: OH NO! Sid accepts Affair with Prachi Dark Intentions behind  the Mask

Manvitha : I am not sure. I mean I am crazy about him. There is something which makes him special. And now as he has given that Gulabo name I have decided to play a little bit Hide and Seek. I won’t dislose my identity so easily

Rhea : So it’s gonna be very interesting, but ulitimately I guess Ashwin will catch you red handed.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1939 2nd September 2021: Rhea spills oil on  floor and Pallavi falls | IWMBuzz

Manvitha : Let’s see. I need a help from you both.

Rhea : What ?

Manvitha whispered something in Sid-Rhea’s ears

Sid : Oh!! No!!

Manvitha : Relax your girl is not going anywhere. Don’t forget I was the cupid who made you both to unite.  And Rhea just pass that short note to me . I am leaving now.

Rhea : Fine, I am ready.

Rhea covered her face and head with a shawl like ghungat and sat on the chair with a rose flower.  She throw the short note on the side. Manvitha picked it fastly and ran from there through the back door. Meanwhile Ashwin who was searching Gulabo here and there suddenly find the ghungat girl with rose in the seat which he was sitting.

Ashwin : Oh !! Finally I find her . She is hiding her face in ghungat. Today I will reveal the ghungat of my Gulabo

Ashwin went near Rhea and smiled.

Ashwin : Haath mein Gulab, bagal mein kitaab aur abb yeh ghungat. Abb kya Ghungat waali banogi mere gulabo?

He raised his hand to remove the ghungat. Suddenly Sid came there and stopped him

Sid : Yaar, what are you doing ? She is my girl

Sid removed the ghungat slightly and now the face was visible to Ashwin. He was shocked to see Rhea .

Ashwin : Sorry yaar. But what’s this Sid and Rhea ? This ghungat and all . I thought it would be

Rhea : Relax your Gulabo only told us to do this small fun with you. This rose is for you only specially given by your Gulabo

Ashwin : Rhea, do you know her ? What’s her name ? How she looks ?

Sid : Why you are so desperate to know her details ?

Ashwin : In curiosity only , Yaar. Your love story is going well naa , so focus on it.

Sid : Sun yaar, Try maar

Ashwin : That’s name of a tv show

Sid : Sun yaar, she is now in burqa and has captured the town bus . Try maar if you can catch her .

Ashwin : What ?

Rhea : Yes you heard it right. Just now she went towards the bus stop,Your Gulabo.

Ashwin : Is it ?

Sid : See she have picked the short note of yours too

Ashwin : Yaar do you see her face ?

Sid : Bola naa burqa girl in bus.

Ashwin : This Gulabo is really a mysterious girl. But I will certainly find her . Bye guys , have  a nice time

Sid Rhea laughed when Ashwin ran from there.

Sid : So the story of new love roses are blossoming here

Rhea : We came here to read books

Sid : But I need to read your eyes only

Rhea: Sid!!!

Sid : Rhea we will have studies and some romance too. Both are part of our life.

Rhea and Sid smiled

Kumkum Bhagya 14 July 2021 Written Update: Siddharth comes across Rhea at a  club - Zee5 News

Ashwin started running through the road to catch the bus in rush. Manvitha slightly watched him through the window and smiled

Manvitha read the short note of Ashwin

“I liked the way you made a thank you card shortly and sweetly with a lovely rose. I really like roses and when I find rose with that card I just called you Gulabo. But didn’t expected that you will write such a heart warming short note regarding me in that book .It was a surprising thing for me and now I will certainly take care off my hair very much as there is a secret girl who is attracted towards my hair. I have approved it with smile and I won’t torn this to pieces because you have made it special with your wordings from heart. I would love to know the real Gulabo. If possible can you please come in Pink dress at the Rose Garden today evening . It will be very easy for me to find you, Hope you will come. If you won’t come I will feel little bad. But I won’t feel very much sad, trust me. Yours one and only Ashwin “

Manvitha smiled while reading this.

Parineeti Chopra — Parineeti Chopra

But soon she realized that bus has stopped as a person has waved his hand before the bus to enter inside. It was none other than Ashwin. So she again covered her face and made enough care with herself not to give any hint to Ashwin. Ashwin entered inside the bus and sat on the side seat.

Arjun Kapoor - Celebrity Style in Ji Huzoori, Ki & Ka, 2016 from Ji  Huzoori. | Charmboard

Manvitha was feeling tensed whether Ashwin will come near her and will reveal her face. But instead of Manvitha Ashwin’s eye sight fell on another Burqa girl who was sitting in the front row. Ashwin went near her

Ashwin : Parde mein rehane do, parda naa udawon, parda joh udd gaya toh bhed khul jaayega

Suddenly that person revealed her face

That person : Yaa Allah!! Kya Zamana aa gaya hein ? Badmash kahin ke !!

Ashwin was so embarassed to see this.

Ashwin : Sorry Aunty. I misunderstood you as a girl

That person : What ?

Ashwin : I mean Gulabo…..I mean nothing…

He quickly went from there. Manvitha was finding hard to control her laughter.

Ashwin looked on his seat and find that some one has occupied that seat. He looked on the whole bus and find that a seat was vaccant near Manvitha. Ashwin came and sat beside Manvitha .

Ashwin : Aap woh….

Manvitha bend down and touched her sandals.

Ashwin : Dekhiye , Mein bahut shareef hoon. Sandal se mat maariye. Abb yeh din dekhna thaa mere naseeb mein ? Ek aunty se gaali mili aur abb iss se mujhe shayad …..Sorry …..Whatever you seen there it was a misunderstanding only. I am a good guy. I respect girls and women very much.

Manvitha again controlled her laughter

She gave a handkerchief to him

Ashwin : What I will do with your handkerchief ?

Manvitha get down from the bus .

Ashwin thought :  Why she gave this handkerchief ?

He opened the handkerchief and gets surprised to see the hand embroidery of rose in that kerchief.

Vintage Handkerchief Embroidered Roses Lace Trim | Vintage handkerchiefs,  Embroidered roses, Embroidery designs

Ashwin : That means burqa girl who sat beside me was Gulabo only. I can’t miss her at any cost

Ashwin screamed : Hold on the bus. I need to get down

Conductor : What was you doing ? Are you lost in day dream about your dream girl ?

Ashwin : What you said ?

Conductor : Have you lost yourself ?

Ashwin : No, After that

Conductor : You are dreaming about your dream girl.

Ashwin : Perhaps you are right. Gulabo is my dream girl.

Ashwin get down from the bus . He started smiling and walking through the road. Suddenly his eyes fell on the super market where Gulabo was going inside.

Ashwin : Gulabo today I will catch you red handed

He entered inside the super market and looked the lady staff at the counter

Ashwin : Aye sun!! Did you see a burqa girl here ?

Together forever, in love.

She didn’t replied

Ashwin : I am asking you

She didn’t said anything

Suddenly a co – staff said : Sir she is dumb. She is not able to speak.

Ashwin : Is it ?

She nodded her head

Together forever, in love.

Ashwin : I am sorry.

She started using sign language with fingers indicating to corner

Ashwin : You mean she is there only .

She nodded her head

Ashwin : I will catch her today .

She nodded her head and said : Ba…baa…baabbba..baabba..

Ashwin : It’s okay . I understood. Thanks.

Ashwin walked towards that side. Mavitha smiled seeing the way he ran there

Co-staff ; Mannu beti yeh sab kya hein ? Mujhe yeh diary milk chocolate kaa laalach dekar jhoot bulwa diya , dukan aapke bhaiya kaa hein. Aap jab chahe aa sakti hein. Who is that guy ?

Manvitha : He is a mad guy and I am very much mad on him. Got it ?

Ashwin saw Burqa hanged in a pillar.

Ashwin : Shit!! Again she escaped from me .

He find a short note there ” Your Gulabo will be at Rose Garden by evening. ” 

Ashwin screamed in excitement : Hurray !!! She is going to meet me .

He ran towards the counter and looked Manvitha

Manvitha : Baa…baa..babba..baa baa…

Ashwin ; My dream girl is coming to meet me. I am so happy now .I feels to dance now.

Co staff : He is very crazy .

Ashwin started shaking legs and started singing and dancing Dream girl. He was so excited that he was dancing with the customers, staffs and with Manvitha too. When he held her hand and danced with her she felt something magical at his touch

Gifs.Gif GIF - Gifs Arjun kapoor Parineeti chopra - Discover & Share GIFs

{I am adding link of dream girl song as I didn’t get lyrics of this wonderful rocking song. So watch and enjoy the grace of J D and Maheswari}

At evening in Rose garden

Ashwin saw some

girls in pink dress . He was hell conused to find who was his Gulabo.

Rashi Khanna Beautiful Hair Style In Pink Dress - Rashi Khanna

Tamanna Bhatia In Sabyasachi Mukherjee (2) | Designer dresses indian, Saree  hairstyles, Casual indian fashion

Suddenly he got a call from Rhea .

Rhea : I will give you a clue Ashwin.

Ashwin : You know her that she will be coming here

Rhea : Yes. She only told me . Sid and me are also here. Don’t worry we will move to one side and you both can go on other side

Ashwin : What’s that other side ? We are not lovers

Sid : Really bro….Then why you sang dream girl at the supermarket ? She has recorded the whole song and dance of yours

Ashwin : Except me you all have seen her.

Sid : Chill your dream girl will also be in pink dress. You have to look every one’s hand. You will find her easily.

Rhea : And this is the clue. Don’t tell her that we have given this clue. Enjoy, we are going for date

Ashwin : Thank you guys.

Ashwin looked at their hands and find there was nothing in their hands.

Ashwin : So all these are not my Gulabo. Where is she ?

Suddenly his eyes went on a girl who was holding bunch of roses in her hands. She was also in pink attire

Biography #Education #Boyfriend/Dating #PersonalProfile #Family #Career |  Parneeti chopra, Indian bollywood actress, Bollywood celebrities

Ashwin was surprised to see her . He came near her and looked her

Aswhin : Gulabo!!

She nodded her head and kept her palm on his chest

Watch: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra As Lovers In 'Namaste England' Trailer

Aswhin : Gulabo, you are !!!

Manvitha suddenly removed her hands from his chest and looked down

Manvitha started communicating in sign language with her fingers

Ashwin : You are my dream girl, Gulabo. Don’t go away from me . I like the way you are , I started feeling very special right from that thank you card. If my thirst to see you can make me these much crazy then think what will happen If I fall in love with you ? I will take you to the best doctor , trust me you will surely speak one day.

Manvitha wasn’t able to do any hide and seek more. She cried bitterly

Hasee Toh Phasee' to 'Ishaqzaade', here're Parineeti Chopra's best  tear-jerker scenes | Bollywood News

Manvitha : I am sorry . I am able to speak. I was just crazy and ….I know it has hurt your feelings . But trust me I felt I should come before you in a very much special way . Please forgive me

Ashwin : You have played with my emotions. I will forgive you at one condition only.

Manvitha : Sure, I am ready to do anything for you

Ashwin : Then I need a kiss from you at my cheek. I will forgive you. Will you do it ?

Manvitha quickly pecked a kiss on his cheek. Even Ashwin hadn’t expected this kiss so soon.

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar: Ishaqzaade Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra Return

Ashwin : You are really very crazy girl , Gulabo. I haven’t tell anything and you did it

Manvitha : Manvitha, that’s my name. Rhea is my buwa’s daughter . And one more thing you only told me to kiss at your cheek.

Ashwin ; So you will listen whatever I will tell to you. Is it ?

Manvitha : You only said me to be here at evening and I came for you. Then why you are doubting me ?

Ashwin : Nothing like that. Now I am very much sure that it’s not just craze, it’s actually the madness, the mist of love. Yes, I have fallen for you madly Gulabo. I mean Manvitha…I love you

Manvitha : Manvitha nahi…..Gulabo bulawon…I feels more love in that name , it’s given by my hero, my heart’s hero….I was initially feeling it as just craze , an attraction or what I really don’t know to say. But the moment when you started taking it seriously I realized that I am having so much feelings for you. Now when you said whether I am dumb it doesn’t matter to you as you likes me truely my heart got a pain and I felt guilty for lying before you ….And…I

Manvitha wasn’t able to say anything.

He cupped her face and said; Just say your heart’s words…Nothing else

Parineeti Chopra Hot Lip Lock with Arjun Kapoor from Ishaqzaade :  r/DesiActressScoop

Manvitha : I…I madly love you Ashwin.

Ashwin : Gulabo!!

They both hugged each other passionately

Ishaqzaade Hot Parineeti Chopra

They couldn’t hug more as some one seen them and screamed ; Aey!!!

Manvitha : We have to run from here , Ashwin. They are my dad’s goons. He is none other than Home Minister Satya Nath.

Ashwin : What ?

Manvitha : I will tell you everything in detail. But now we have to run.

They started firing at the ground.

Ashwin : Held my hand , Gulabo

Ashwin and Manvitha started running

Ishaqzaade Arjun Kapoor Parineeti Chopra Scene Stills - 500 | 17 out of 35  | SongSuno

On the way they saw a bike and quickly both of them sat in the bike and Ashwin ride the bike like an express.

What ISHAQZAADE Means? » Glamsham

Manvitha : If you feel you are risking life, you can leave me .

Ashwin : I haven’t held your hand to leave you . Never dare to say it.

Manvitha hugged him from back .

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra in a still from the movie 'Ishaqzaade'.

Ashwin : Hug me tightly Gulabo. Your hug is that fuel which will make this ride more faster and energetic.

Finally they both reached at an old fort where no one was to disturb them. They both sat together

21 Ishqzaade ideas | arjun kapoor, bollywood, parineeti chopra

Aswhin ; Now tell me what’s your problem ?

Manvitha : Whatever happens never send me to my dad. He is a demon who will spoil my life. I lost my mom because of him. My bhaiya left home because of him.

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