Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh proposes Indu for marriage

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shakuntala seeing Indu’s foot impressions on the floor. Zoon asks Shakuntala, how is she? Shakuntala signs at Indu. Dolly asks Indu to take Mata Rani’s blessings. Zoon holds Indu’s hand and takes her to do puja. Ritesh is doing aarti and looks at Indu and Zoon. He gives aarti to Zoon and covers her with the holy chunari. Indu and Ritesh do the aarti with Zoon. Ritesh then gives aarti to Zoon and Indu. Ritesh asks Indu what is she doing here? Indu says I need to talk to you. Dolly tells them that Bhabhi wants to tell them something. Ritesh and Indu come to Shakuntala. Shakuntala manage to lift her hands and holds Ritesh’s hand with her one hand and Indu’s hand with her other hand. She then gives Indu’s hand in Ritesh’s hand. Zoon holds their hands and says thank you, Genie Ritesh’s Moj. She asks them not to fight and says you have become friends again. Rahul, Deep and Dolly are happy, while Kaamna, Sameer and Kadambari are shocked. Deep says this is Mata Rani’s miracle. Dolly says she got happy seeing this sight and says welcome to the Malhotra family, Indu. Shakuntala smiles. Indu looks at Ritesh. Dolly tells that they shall take Zoon for the puja. Kaamna says lets do it. Kaamna applies tilak to Zoon and goes to other girls. Vivaan is about to give puri to Zoon, just then Ritesh and Indu ask him not to give her puri as she is allergic to wheat. Kaamna tells that she will get jowar puri for her.

Kadambari is leaving. Sameer stops her. Kadambari asks if Ritesh and Indu gets married, then I will never get zoon’s custody. Sameer says I never thought that this will happen. He says Kaamna Maasi didn’t tell me anything. Kadambari says you didn’t tell her about me and that’s why she took revenge. Sameer tells that even if Ritesh and Indu agrees, then also I will not let their marriage happen. He asks her to trust him.

Dolly bandages Indus feet and says she should have done this long back, but was busy with puja. Indu thanks her. Dolly says you are would be bahu and asks her not to thank her. Indu asks what are you saying? Dolly says she said what Shakuntala and Mata Rani wants.

Rahul informs Ritesh that Kalpesh called, MRTO agent and said that Indu is suspended. He says how she will claim Zoon’s custody now, if she loses her job. Ritesh gets thinking. Shakuntala calls Indu near her, and tries to remove her gold bangles. Dolly helps her remove her bangles. Shakuntala signs at Indu’s hand. Dolly forwards Indu’s hand. Shakuntala makes Indu wear her bangles. Indu is stunned. Kaamna gets upset and goes. Ritesh recalls Judge saying that financial stability is also necessary for the custody of the child.

Dolly goes to Kaamna and says she wants to throw water on her face, like she did, but her thinking is not low like her. She reminds her of her words. Kaamna thinks she knows how to win. Ritesh comes to Indu and asks her to come to talk to him for Zoon’s sake. Kaamna thinks what to do, thinks Pankaj went out of India. She thinks if ritesh gets married to Indu, then all his property will go to her. Sameer asks Kaamna if she made a plan to stop the marriage. Kaamna asks him to go and sit on kadambari’s lap.

Ritesh asks Indu to sit. Indu refuses. Ritesh says I am sorry, I didn’t know that Maa will keep our hand in each other’s hands. He says even I am not interested to marry you, but if you get Zoon’s custody then I am ready. Indu asks have you gone mad, and says this is not film scene. She says I will die, but will not marry you, even if you are the last person. Ritesh says our point of matter matches. He says the matter is about Zoon here and says your scandal is spread all in the city. Indu says it all happened due to you. Ritesh asks if you will get custody of Zoon and asks her to think that he can give a good future to zoon, give her better life and get her treated too. Indu says what about your bad thinking and anger which will come with it. Ritesh says I am a devil, yes. He says you are zoon’s best mother and I am her best father and asks her to see from his perspective. Indu says I will not marry you in any circumstances. Ritesh says we can’t bear each other, but there is no better idea than our marriage. He asks her to ask her heart, if hatred for him is important or her love for Zoon. He says I will make Maa understand and asks her to forget about that. He says if Zoon matters to you then will you marry me for her better future.

Precap: Kaamna asks Ritesh not to take a decision in a hurry. Vivek tells Indu that this is Ritesh and Kadambari’s plan. Anjali asks Indu to agree to Ritesh. Ritesh says we don’t have much time, if you don’t agree then court will give custody to Kadambari. Indu says I am ready to marry you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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