Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala sends Sargi for Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indu telling Rajendra, Sunita and others that they are getting married, just for Zoon. Sunita says we know and is proud of you, you are giving your life for your relation with Zoon. Ritesh says our love for Zoon is enough for this marriage, and requests them that they shall do court marriage, rather than traditional wedding. Sunita doesn’t agree. Rajendra says we had so many thoughts about your wedding. Anjali asks Indu and Ritesh not to do simple marriage. Zoon comes there and tells that she is upset with both of them. They sit down and ask why? Zoon says she was happy that she will get to see their marriage, and can do masti, but how she can call her friends there and enjoy and dance with them. She asks them to do filmy marriage and fulfill her wish. Rajendra asks them to understand their feelings and agree. Indu nods ok. Ritesh says ok, we will do the marriage as Zoon wants. Indu says Zoon’s Moj can do anything for her. Ritesh tells Rajendra that he wants to talk to him. Kaamna gets a message that Ritesh is marrying Indu. Ritesh asks Rajendra not to get worried and stressed as they will arrange. Rajendra says some functions will happen here, and some functions at your place. He says Indu will drop you. Ritesh says he has to bear driving licence again.

Kadambari tells Sameer that this marriage can’t happen. Sameer says we will do something. Kadambari says she can’t lose 5000 crores due to Indu and Ritesh. Ritesh asks Indu if she had kept 16 Mondays fast in her childhood that she is getting now. Indu says I had kept fast, but God didn’t listen to me. Ritesh says you got more than your standard. He says I would have got married to Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone. Indu says both of them are married. Ritesh says I should have kept fasts. Indu asks for good husband. Ritesh asks her to read books for good sense of humor. Indu says everyone will laugh as my husband will be a joke. Ritesh says terrible, now he has to live with her. He asks her to wear nice clothes, as media will click photos. Indu says I wear good clothes. He says you shall look beautiful. She says she don’t want certificate from him and asks him to go. Ritesh says Maa used to say that if I don’t drink milk then I will marry Dayan, says he used to drink milk, but see his destiny. He says good night dayan. Indu says rakshak, nautanki.

Kaamna asks Ritesh, why is he hurrying up for marriage. Ritesh says he has to marry before the court date and asks Kaamna to take shagun to Indu’s house. Dolly asks if you agree. Kaamna says yes. She says she will take shagun tomorrow. Dolly says tomorrow is Karwachauth and says they shall call Indu for the puja. Ritesh says they are marrying for Zoon, so such things are not needed. Rahul calls Rajendra. Rajendra opens the door. Rahul says Dolly sent sargi for Indu on Shakuntala’s insistence. He gives the sargi and goes. Rajendra says if Mata Rani wants then Indu will eat sargi. Indu gets acidity later in the night and asks Anjali not to take tension. She drinks water. Anjali and Asha come to Indu. Asha asks Anjali to bring something to eat. Anjali checks and says there is nothing left from dinner. Indu says its ok. Asha sees the food plate, and thinks to make Indu have it. She keeps the sargi plate infront of Indu. Indu eats it. Sunita sees Indu having food from karwachauth plate and gets happy. Anjali asks Sunita why she woke up early. Sunita says to eat sargi. Asha asks if this is your sargi. Sunita says no, it was for Indu sent by Ritesh’s Maa. She says Shakuntala ji was sure that you will keep fast. Indu says she will not keep fast. Sunita says don’t keep fast if you don’t want.

Kaamna comes ready and tells the lady that all the arrangements shall happen as she said and the shagun shall be grand like tata and birla’s marriage. Ritesh asks Rahul to ask cook to get the breakfast ready. Rahul asks if you are not keeping fast and says today is Karwachauth, and he has given sargi for Indu. He says if Indu is keeping fast, then you will not keep. Ritesh says they are marrying for Zoon and will not follow husband and wife’s rituals.

Sunita asks Indu to have breakfast. Indu says she will have it outside and opens the door. She sees reporters bombarding her with many questions about her marriage. She calls Vivek and asks him to bring Zoon from back door. Anjali tells Indu that they are getting celebrity feel due to her. Indu says the media has gone mad around the house. Vivek comes there with Zoon and asks what press is doing here? Indu says they are here. Zoon sees Sunita wearing red saree and asks her. Sunita says she has kept fast for karwachauth. Zoon says Vivek’s Moj has worn saree like her and has kept fast. She asks Indu to wear red saree and keep fast for Genie Papa. Indu says if I can marry for your happiness then I can keep fast for your happiness. Sunita appreciates Zoon for doing what they all couldn’t do. She brings sargi shagun plate for Indu and says I will get you ready. Sunita gets Indu ready in red saree. Everyone gets emotional seeing her. Zoon calls Asha near her, takes off kajal from her eye, applies behind Indu’s ear and gives her flying kiss. Everyone smiles. The title song plays…

Kadambari breaks the things in her office and says if Ritesh and Indu get married then they will get 5000 crores. She asks about Ritesh’s past. Sameer says there is nothing, but we can enquire about Indu’s past. Kadambari asks him to enquire, and tells that even if she has to kill Indu then she will do it.

Precap: Indu asks Ritesh not to show his richness and status to her. Ritesh says I will stay in my attitude and you shall roam around with your self respect. Sameer shows Mahesh’s photos and says he wants revenge from Indu. Kadambari calls him. Mahesh enters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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