Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Inspector arrives at Ritesh’s house

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunita telling Rajendra that their shagun is less than their shagun. Rajendra says our shagun is not bad, we have brought whatever is needed for shagun. Zoon comes there with Vivek, and hugs Indu. She asks what is it? Anjali says it is shagun which we are taking to Ritesh’s house. Zoon tells that their shagun is less. Sunita says even the girl can differentiate that their shagun is less. Zoon says the shagun sent by Genie Ritesh is ours now, and asks her to send all this shagun to Ritesh back. Sunita says it doesn’t look nice. Indu says Zoon’s idea is best and says now we will do what is right and says Ritesh will get what he shall get. Indu calls Ritesh and tells that she is bringing her shagun with her self respect and hopes that he will be at home. She ends the call. Ritesh says it seems she is bringing Taj Mahal.

Anjali tries the dress for rent. The designer tells that the dress is having 10000 Rs. rent. Anjali says you are my friend, Raima and asks her to lower the price. Raima says she can’t lower the rent and tells that she will show her another dress which fits her budget. She goes to bring the dress. Vivaan comes there and asks Anjali why she is not talking to him. He asks what is her problem? Anjali says she don’t want to talk to him, as her Di has suffered a lot. Vivaan asks her to become friends with him. Raima comes there and says hi. She shows the dress. Anjali says she likes this dress only. Vivaan buys the dress, though Anjali says she wants it on rent. Vivaan asks her to think it as a gift of friendship. Raima asks her to go and change. Anjali goes. Raima tells Vivaan that he is not having a big heart to give 25000 Rs. gift. Vivaan says he will recover much more from her.

Mahesh comes to the PS and sheds fake tears and tells fake story to Inspector. Inspector says how can Ritesh Malhotra do this, and asks him to go home. Mahesh turns and smirks. He says I will see how you get married, Indu Raina, you will fall on my feet. Sameer talks to Kadambari and says they can’t take risk, will wait for the dhamaka. Kaamna hears him. He pretends to talk to his friend. Kaamna asks him what blast he is talking about? Sameer says nothing. Kaamna says I am not your enemy, when your Kadambari kicks you, then you will come back to me.

Dolly brings Shakuntala outside to the hall. Ritesh comes there and takes Shakuntala’s blessings. Shakuntala smiles. The Rainas come there. Rajendra greets them. Ritesh greets them and asks them to come inside. Zoon meets Ritesh and says genie Papa. He says you are looking cute. Indu touches Shakuntala’s feet and takes her blessings. Zoon asks Shakuntala, how is she? dolly asks her to call her Dadi maa. Kaamna comes there and thinks it seems they have brought 101 Rs envelope. Kaamna tells Sunita that she thought that they need Servants to bring the shagun. Indu says I have managed everything with Vivek’s help. Vivek brings the shagun with his staff help and keep them there. Kaamna sees the same shagun and says what’s joke, this is same shagun which we gave you. Indu says yes, you have given this shagun and it is ours now, so we are giving this shagun to you for our self respect. Kaamna says I had already said that girl’s shagun is much than the groom’s family shagun. She says your status is not like us. Ritesh asks Kaamna not to insult them. Kaamna says Bhabhi had sent this shagun for her, I am replying to their insult, as they are returning our stuff. Indu says everyone has different perspective, and tells Shakuntala that if she could say, then she would have agreed with her. Shakuntala smiles. Indu thanks her.

Kaamna says if your shagun was more then it would be good. Zoon takes out chocolate, and says now I am giving you this, and tells that our shagun is more. Dolly appreciates her. Indu says Zoon is the daughter of a self respected woman. Ritesh says it is Zoon’s innocence. Kaamna says lets discuss marriage functions. Ritesh says Jai mala needs to exchange, have to take rounds and apply sindoor. Dolly says it is Punjabi’s wedding, so it will have all the functions. Anjali says we have to decide about song, have to practice dance and arrange choreographer. Vivaan says he will do it? Police Inspector comes there calling Ritesh. Ritesh gets up and asks what happened? Inspector says I have to come as the matter was serious. He asks if you are marrying Indu Raina. Ritesh says yes. Inspector says sorry, you can’t marry her. Ritesh asks what? Inspector says she is already married. Ritesh looks at Indu and tells Inspector that he has misunderstanding as Indu is not married. Kaamna asks why is he accusing wrongly. Inspector says he has proof and shows the marriage certificate. Ritesh reads it Mrs. Indu Jaiswal. Indu looks at the pic.

Precap: Indu and Ritesh come to the PS and sees Mahesh with Sameer and Kadambari. Ritesh says now I understood who took out his rat from its hole. Kadambari says I had told you that I will get Zoon back. Ritesh says I will ruin you in 2 seconds and tells them that this marriage will happen, and asks them to think it as open challenge. Sameer says challenge accepted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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