Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu lies in court for bail

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul asking Ritesh to go home and rest. He says we slept all night in car. He says I will stay here. Ritesh says I hope Zoon is fine. They come to the CAA office. Gita tells Ritesh that Zoon is not having food. Ritesh goes to meet Zoon. Zoon tells that she wants to meet her Moj and asks Ritesh to make her meet her. Ritesh promises that he will make her meet her Moj and asks her to have food. Gita takes Zoon with her. Rahul asks Ritesh why did you promise Zoon that you will make her meet Indu. Ritesh says I will make Zoon meet Indu for her mental health. He says I can’t break her trust. He asks about the case. Rahul says he will find out and asks him to go and have food. Ritesh goes.

Vivek tells Rajendra that he explained to the lawyer everything. Lawyer says Indu has to lie to get the bail. Vivek tells that Indu will get bail due to her lie. Rajendra asks what lie? Indu refuses to lie that she kept Zoon as she was helpless. Vivek says your crime will get less and you will get bail. Indu says I will not lie. Vivek says you don’t have any option, you have to do this. He says if you want Zoon’s adoption process, then shall come out from here, then finally you can get her.

Sameer and Kadambari meet in the restaurant. He says he was busy and couldn’t meet her. He asks why she didn’t come for Ganapati darshan. Kadambari says she had some personal reasons, and asks about Ritesh’s film career. Sameer says it is not like that. Rajendra comes there to get money from his client. Sameer tells Kadambari that Ritesh is interested in that girl now a days. Kadambari sees Rajendra. Rajendra identifies Kadambari and thinks she is Zoon’s mother. Sameer thinks she got shocked seeing the man, like she got shocked seeing Indu. Kadambari goes to the washroom. Rajendra goes from here. Sameer thinks what is the connection of Kadambari, Indu and this guy. Ritesh tells that he wants Zoon to meet Indu once, and wants her to be calm.

The kids play. Gayatri asks Gita to start the music, while the kids play with the pillow. They stop the music. A girl tells that her favorite person is Gayatri aunty, as she loves me a lot. Then zoon’s turn comes. She says my Moj is my favorite person. Gita asks why?

The Police brings Indu to the PS. Anjali asks if she is fine? Vivek asks her to keep her emotions in control infront of judge. The Inspector asks them to leave from the way. The judge comes there and sits. He says I read all the details of your case and asks do you want to say anything in your favor. He asks her not to waste his time. Ritesh comes there. The judge says if the accusation that you had kept the girl with you for 5 years is truth. The lawyer asks Indu to say. The judge asks her not to waste the time. Indu recalls naming her Zoon. She keeps hand on the nail on the table. She whispers Zoon is my daughter, I can’t leave without her. Judge asks what she said. Indu recalls Vivek’s words, that she has to lie. She recalls Asha and Anjali asking her to lie. The judge asks if the accusation is truthful. Indu says yes, I have kept her illegally with me, she was my helplessness. The lawyer signs Vivek. Indu says I didn’t keep her with me with my wish, and says I found her in the bus, her mother eloped just after she was born in the bus. She says she had gone to travel office to drop her, but she got fever and that’s why she had to take her home. She says I don’t have any option. Ritesh misunderstands her hearing her lie. Indu says I want to send her away from me, but she don’t want to go away from me, regards me as her mother and can’t stay without me. She says I am afraid that if I separate her from me, then it will effect her mental health. Ritesh goes. The lawyer tells that it is her goodness that she kept the baby with her and had taken good care of her. He requests Judge to grant her bail.

Zoon says my Moj is best Moj of this world, says I love and miss her. The Judge accepts Indu’s bail plea and adjourns the court. Indu breaks down and cries. Vivek says you got the bail, I am very proud of you, you have proved that you can go to any extent for her. Indu says I said so wrong about Zoon. Indu asks if I can meet Zoon. Vivek says I got the address. Asha sees injury on her hand and asks Indu, how she got this injury. Vivek also asks. Indu says she don’t know. Vivek asks Asha and Anjali to go and tells that he will take Zoon to CAA centre.

Vivaan is taking Kaamna to the CAA office. Kaamna says she wants to tell Zoon that Indu is not her mother and then the blast will happen. Indu is in Vivek’s car, and tells that yesterday Zoon had wheat chapatti, and tells that Ritesh had come yesterday to know about her past history. She is angry with Ritesh. Ritesh is angry that Indu lied in court and lost the chance of becoming responsible. He asks him to talk to Jatin and tell him that I want to take Zoon to my house yesterday itself. He says he was feeling guilty, but not anymore, and will not let Indu meet Zoon.

Precap: Kaamna tells Zoon that Indu has been lying to her, she is not her real mother. She says se don’t regard you as her daughter from her heart. Zoon looks on hearing her. Indu comes to the CAA office with Vivek, and the lady stops her from meeting Zoon. Indu shouts Phuggi and yearns to meet her. Zoon comes out of the centre to meet her. Ritesh looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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