Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh doesn’t let Indu meet Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Zoon to see who has come to meet her. Zoon asks if Moj has come. Kaamna has come and tells that she has brought chocolates, pastries for her. She asks Gayatri to leave them alone for sometime. Gayatri goes. Kaamna asks zoon, what she would like to eat? Zoon says she will not have anything without asking her Moj. Kaamna asks where is your Moj. Zoon says she is coming in another car and shows her drawing. Kaamna asks when she will come, when someone else comes and adopts you. She tells her that the kids are taken by other Mummy and Papa from here, and tells that Indu is not her Moj. Zoon says my Moj had told that bad people will say this, but I shall not listen. Kaamna says your real mother left you on street, and that’s why Indu kept you at home, and says she doesn’t regard you as her daughter. Zoon says I don’t want to hear anything against my Moj and says she will come, and says if you say this then I will not talk to you. Zoon says you have nobody in this world, you are all alone here. She says your mother left you, and your father is nowhere. She spoils the painting made by zoon. Zoon says my Moj is my Papa. Kaamna laughs and says you have no family or name, and that’s why you are in this child centre, people sympathizes with children and adopt them, but it is not possible in your case as your legs. Zoon calls Indu and Ritesh, and says she don’t want to talk to her, and is scared. Kaamna says don’t cry, I will go from here, you shall not be scared. She says your Moj’s drawing is spoiled by me. She asks her to have chocolate and pastries and thinks she has made Mission impossible as Possible.

Indu is in the car with Vivek and imagines Zoon on the road and asks him to stop the car. Vivek stops the car. Indu says Zoon was here, I have seen. Vivek says nobody is here. Indu says Zoon is in danger, I am very scared. Vivek says Zoon’s Moj will save her from every trouble.

Kadambari comes to meet the lawyer and says I don’t understand Papa’s will condition. Lawyer says your Papa wanted you to handle his 5000 cr Rs business and property along with your kid. Kadambari says I don’t know why Papa has done this, I don’t have any child. The lawyer asks her to bring her daughter and says you have 10 months to claim the money, else it will go to trust. Kadambari thinks 5000 crores is not a small amount and tells that girl will make me reach my daughter and I will do anything to get the money. She recalls seeing Rajendra in the café.

Ritesh tells CAA caretaker Bhavna that Indu Raina shall not meet Zoon. Bhavna says Indu can’t meet Zoon. A guard comes there and tells Nirmala is arguing with a lady outside and asks Bhavna to come. Ritesh comes there. Indu asks Nirmala to make her meet Zoon. Nirmala refuses. Ritesh comes there. Indu says you are not allowing me to meet my daughter and letting superstar meet Zoon, as he is influential. Ritesh says which daughter, whom you have kept without your wish. He says you can’t meet her illegally. Vivek says Ritesh, I will make you understand. Ritesh says I regard Zoon as my daughter and don’t think her as my helplessness. She says I thought to make you meet Zoon, but I was wrong. Indu insists to meet her. Nirmala threatens to call Police. Vivek asks Indu to come from there. Indu insists to meet Zoon. Zoon senses Indu’s presence and says I am coming Moj. She says I am coming Moj. Indu calls her. Zoon is coming out. Vivek asks Indu to come. Indu calls phuggi. Vivek says if Police comes here then it will be a problem. He takes Indu forcibly in car. Indu says make me meet my daughter. Zoon comes out and looks at the car, calls Moj. Ritesh asks why did you come here? Zoon says I heard Moj’s voice, she was in car. Ritesh thinks how to tell Zoon that Indu has made fun of her. Nirmala says she has not come here. Zoon says you are lying. Ritesh says we will play with your toys. Nirmala says Indu shall not come inside.

Anjali tells Asha that Indu must have meet Zoon by now. Sunita says she went to meet Zoon, rather than coming here and meeting us. She hopes Zoon goes away from her life. Asha asks where is Bob ji? She goes to talk to him. Rajendra thinks I saw Kadambari after many years and worries that new trouble might come between Indu and Zoon. Asha asks Rajendra if he is fine. Rajendra says yes. Vivek brings Indu there. Asha asks why you didn’t bring Zoon? Indu says she was not allowed to meet Zoon. Vivek says I called Lawyer Atul here. Asha asks her not to forget that even God can’t keep mother away from her daughter.

Kadambari comes to the café and asks the guy about Rajendra. She then bribes him. The guy says he is Rajendra bhai and he runs the tiffin centre. He gives the visiting card. Kadambari thinks this will take her to 5000 Crores.

Precap: Ritesh tells Gayatri that he wants to throw party for the CCA children, not just Zoon. Kaamna looks on. Ritesh hopes that Zoon is happy after this. Indu says nobody can stop me from meeting Zoon. Kadambari comes to Indu’s house. Sunita opens the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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