Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu and Vivek reach the party as clowns

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ritesh asking Zoon, where is her favorite puzzle and says we can draw too. He asks Zoon, why is she sad? Zoon says she wants to meet Indu. Kaamna calls CCA lady and asks if Indu had come there. The lady says she had come, but Ritesh didn’t let her meet her. Kaamna says Zoon might tell Ritesh whatever she told her and asks Vivaan to take her to CCA office. She goes there and stops Zoon. She asks her to go with Bhavna and have milk. Zoon refuses. Kaamna says she had brought chocolates for Zoon and asks him to take her out from here. Ritesh says I won’t let Indu meet her, after her statement in court. He tells that Indu said that she kept Zoon with her due to helplessness. Kaamna says she has an idea to cheer up Zoon. Ritesh and Kaamna go to Gayatri and convince her for the party. Indu’s lawyer Atul calls Gayatri and asks her to let Indu meet Zoon once. Gayatri refuses. Just then Bhavna comes there and says Ritesh asked to vacate all the hall for the party. Gayatri says ok. Atul, Indu and others hear on call. Anjali says it is limit. Indu says nobody can stop me from meeting Zoon.

Vivek is driving the car with Indu, and tells her that the party is organizing by his junior Tushar and took all the details from him. Indu says I will tell truth to Zoon today, I couldn’t adopt her due to Moj. She says Zoon deserves to know the truth, and I don’t want someone else to tell this to her. Vivek says you are right and says zoon and your relation will get stronger.

Asha asks Rajendra if he is fine? Rajendra says yes. Asha asks if you are hiding something from us. Rajendra recalls seeing kadambari in the restaurant and tells Asha, that today he saw Zoon’s mother in the restaurant. Asha gets shocked. Rajendra says don’t know why she returned, I am very worried. Kadambari comes to Rajendra and Sunita’s house. Sunita opens the door. Kadambari says she is Indu’s college friend Juhi. She says she had gone to Canada after college and asks if I can come inside. Sunita asks her to come inside.

Tushar tells Rahul that all arrangements are done. He says just clowns need to come, this is hit item of children’s party. Vivek and Indu come there as clown. Vivek asks her to be confident and says nobody can identify us. Indu says I will meet Zoon today. They come inside. Ritesh stops them. Indu turns to him. Ritesh says I have identified you. He says a star can identify another star, and says kids shall enjoy and specially Zoon, as she is very special to me in this world, and says she shall be happy and smile. They show thumbs up to him. Ritesh asks Tushar to take them.

Sunita asks Kadambari what she would like to have. Kadambari says sorry Aunty, I shouldn’t have come without informing. Sunita says no. She asks her to sit. Kadambari looks at Zoon and Indu’s photo frame, and gets shocked seeing Zoon. She recalls their meeting. She says Indu is still looking same and says this girl might be of Indu. Sunita says no, and tells that Indu had found this girl in bus, some stone hearted mother gave her birth and left her in Indu’s lap, and my Indu brought her home and became her mother. She says we faced a storm due to this girl, and says Indu has raised her more than her own child, now Child Adoption Centre took her, as Indu haven’t adopted her legally, says Indu is in pain due to this girl. Kadambari is shocked. Rajendra comes there and goes inside. Kadambari thinks this is my daughter. Sunita asks him to meet Indu’s friend. They go inside, but Kadambari is not there. Sunita says she was here, where did she go? Rajendra says auto driver is waiting, I will come. Sunita says she is strange, went without informing.

Tushar comes to Rahul. Rahul says all snacks shall be according to kids’ taste. He asks if the colors are organic. Tushar says yes. Kaamna tells Ritesh that she has to attend the party as it was her idea. Ritesh brings Zoon to the party hall. Zoon smiles seeing the party. Indu gets emotional and is about to go to her, but vivek stops her. Ritesh lifts her and asks Zoon to give flying kiss to the clowns. Zoon gives flying kiss to Indu. Song plays….

Precap: Kaamna sees Vivek there and thinks Indu might be here too. Indu tells Zoon that she is her Moj always.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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