Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dr. Murthy declares Ritesh dead

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunita and others are in Ritesh’s house. Sunita says they have shifted Ritesh to home, but if the proper treatment will be given here. Zoon asks Indu what happened to Genie papa. She insists to meet him. Indu asks doctor if they can see Ritesh. Doctor asks them not to disturb him. Indu and Zoon go to Ritesh. Ritesh is unconscious. Zoon calls him and says if he goes to Gannu bhaiyya then I will go with him. Indu says don’t say like this, nothing will happen to him. Zoon asks when he will talk to me. Indu says very soon, he is your genie and fulfills everyone’s wishes. She says he is tired and resting, just as he gets fine he will talk to you, play with you and enjoy with you. She asks her to rest too. Zoon says she will be here. Indu says we will stay with him, we will sit on sofa. She sits on sofa and makes Zoon sleep on her lap.

In the morning, Zoon wakes up and calls Indu. Dolly and Vivek come there. Vivek asks Indu to come home, freshen up and come again. Dolly asks Indu to stay there for few days and says we all need you, specially Shakuntala. Indu nods her head. Vivek says I will take zoon with me. Zoon says she will stay there. Vivek says I will send clothes for you both. Dolly thanks Indu and says she just prays to mata rani that Ritesh gets fine. Zoon thinks to talk to Gannu bhaiyya. Indu says Ritesh will be fine soon. She finds Zoon not there. Zoon comes to the inhouse temple and says she got her papa after a lot of time, and he is separating him from her. She says she is angry with him, until her Papa gets fine she will not talk to him. She immerses the idol in the water bowl. Indu asks what did you do? Zoon says until he makes genie papa fine, he will be in water. Indu says this is not right. Dolly says may be he will listen to Zoon. She asks them to have breakfast. Zoon refuses. Dolly asks her to make her eat food here.

Indu goes with Dolly. Kaamna hears her and thinks she will do something, which will shaken up Indu. She comes to Zoon and tells that Gannu bhaiyya will not listen this way and tells that she had kept fast for her Papa. Zoon asks if she keeps fast then genie Papa will be fine. Kaamna says yes. Zoon says she will not eat anything or will not drink anything. Kaamna goes. Zoon says if you don’t treat my genie Papa then I will not eat anything. Vivaan comes to Sameer and hits him. He asks him not to take Kadambari lightly and says she might trap you in this case and get you jailed. He asks why did he try to murder Ritesh for Kadambari. Sameer asks him to be in his limits. Vivaan goes.

Indu asks Zoon to have food. Zoon refuses to have food and tells about her fast until genie Papa gets fine. She says Gannu bhaiyya will make him fine fast. Mahesh is resting in Kadambari’s house. Sameer comes there. Mahesh says let me sleep peacefully. Sameer says I came for work and tells that Ritesh is still alive and treatment is showing effects. Mahesh says if your aim is good then you can kill him. Sameer says Kadambari called today and asked you to attempt to Ritesh today. He says we have less time, as court date is near. Mahesh asks have you gone mad? Sameer says I am handling the house security. Mahesh says I have to struggle to elope from there. Sameer sends Dr. Murthy’s photo and shares his plan with him.

Rahul says Police is searching the suspect. Deep asks if any producer has any enmity with Ritesh. Rahul says such times are gone. Dolly comes there and says Ritesh’s health is deteriorating. Dr. Murthy checks him. Kaamna asks what happened to it. Rahul, Dolly, Shakuntala are worried. Dr. Murthy says oxygen level and vitals dropped, I am trying my best to get him back to normal. Indu looks on worried. Zoon comes there. He asks Nurse to give him CPR. He takes the CPR machine and gives him shocks to revive him, all the lines in the machines go straight. Kaamna asks why the machines are off and what happened to him. She asks Ritesh to get up. Dr. Murthy says I am sorry, I couldn’t save Ritesh Malhotra, he is no more. Rahul, Shakuntala, Indu, Zoon and others are shocked.

Precap: Zoon asks Ritesh to get up and asks him not to go, else her friends will laugh at her again. She says I will not trouble you and faints. Indu asks her to open her eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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