Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Zoon goes to Vivek’s foster care

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indu hugging Zoon and asking if she is fine. She asks where did you go? Zoon says shall I ask something and says if I stay with you, then you faced many problems. Indu says who told you this, you are best. Zoon says I know that you are always in problem due to me, you had to go to jail due to me, had to elope for me, if I stay with you then you can’t marry, I went away from you so that Gannu Bhaiyya make you happy. She says I know I am very bad, and that’s why my Zoon left me. She says if you had not taken me to your home then it would be good. She says sorry and promises not to trouble her. Indu cries. Zoon asks shall I go? Indu asks if you have gone mad, where you will go. She says you are my Angel and life, you are the aim of my life. She says before you came in my life, I was shattered then you came and I realized that you are the most beautiful gift of my life. She says don’t say that my life have problems due to you, and says you are best gift of my life. She says I love you and asks her to let the world say what they want to. She says I am your Moj and you are my daughter, remember this always. She asks who is your Moj? Zoon says you are my Moj. Indu says I love you and hugs her, says she will never leave her alone.Vivek, Asha, Anjali and Rajendra smiles. Indu says lets go home. Zoon looks at Gayatri, and then tells Indu that she don’t want to go with her (Gayatri). Gayatri apologizes to Indu and says I wish I could have sent Zoon with you, but I don’t have any option, and shall keep her away from you for few days more. She says we are sending her to foster home, until she is legally adopted. Vivek asks Gayatri to give him foster custody of Zoon, as she knows him and his family and will stay happily with him. Gayatri says ok. Indu comes out with Ritesh.

Ritesh is shocked to see Indu taking Zoon. Gayatri tells him that Zoon will be kept in Vivek’s house for foster’s care. Ritesh is shocked. She says she has started the formalities. Indu thanks Vivek for convincing his mother. Vivek says I will send you bail. Indu smiles. They come to their neighborhood Ganapati and pray. Asha tells Zoon that she will drop her to Vivek’s house. Indu prays Mata Rani to bless her so that she can have courage to shield her daughter, so that nobody can separate her from her. She applies the color on her forehead. Vivek comes back and asks Indu to come home. Indu says Zoon will stay in your house for few days, as I have decided to legally adopt her, as this world doesn’t understand heart relations, I will get legal stamp on our relation.

Kaamna asks if CAA lady got mad to send Zoon to Vivek’s house, and says we had freed Zoon from that woman’s clutches. She says she had returned to give medicine to bhabhi. Ritesh asks Rahul to call Jatin. Kaamna says there is no point calling him now and asks him to go and rest. Rahul says even I will go.

Sameer calls Kadambari. Kadambari says she is not in a mood to talk. Sameer says I want to talk about Zoon. Kadambari asks what? Sameer says don’t react as you are hearing this name for the first time. Sameer tells that CAA centre gave Zoon to Indu’s friend Vivek’s foster care. Kadambari says I will file the case against them as Indu is not her mother but..Sameer says I know that you are her mother, I will not judge you, I am still your friend and you can call me at anytime for help. He ends the call.

Indu is at Vivek’s house and cuts bread sandwich in different shapes. She tastes it and says it is very tasty and yummy. She tastes one. Zoon takes the another one. Asha comes there and asks them to get ready to get ready for Navratri 1st day puja. Kaamna asks Servant to bring the prasad. She calls Ritesh and asks if he is fine? Ritesh nods his head. Kaamna says this is temporary, your Zoon will be with you soon. She says Mata Rani came and will not let anything wrong happen with you. She says when we pray to Mata Rani then she will fulfill our prayers.

Vivek brings Zoon to Indu’s house. Rajendra takes her and asks her to greet the Goddess. Rajendra and Sunita do the aarti. Zoon smiles. Ritesh does the aarti. Indu does the aarti in her house and says I want to give all happiness of the world to Zoon and says sadness shall never come to her. Indu asks Goddess to give only happiness to Zoon and give all her sadness to her (Indu). Zoon prays that Ritesh and Indu’s prayers shall be fulfilled.

Precap: Ritesh tells that he will legally adopt Zoon. Gayatri says single man can’t adopt a child. Indu says today I am going to file petition in court for Zoon’s custody. Sunita says I am not with you in your decision. Indu swears infront of Mata Rani that she will never marry in her life. Ritesh swears to bring Zoon to his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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