Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh, Indu and Kadambari to claim custody of Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri and Sangeeta coming to Ritesh’s house. Rahul asks who has invited you? Ritesh says I called them here and asks them to come. Gayatri apologizes to Ritesh for whatever happened? Ritesh says I am really sorry, I am protective about Zoon. Gayatri says whenever Zoon is in problem, Indu and you stand infront of her like a shield. Ritesh says very soon, he will adopt Zoon. Gayatri says you are single man and can’t adopt Zoon. Ritesh is shocked and asks Rahul to call Jatin. Indu asks Anjali to take Zoon inside. Anjali takes her. Indu tells everyone that today she is going to file petition in court for Zoon’s custody. Sunita says it is not a small decision and asks her to rethink again. Indu says I was silent because of you, but not anymore. She asks Vivek to come and meet the lawyer with her. Vivek asks why are you not wearing the slippers? Indu says she has sworn not to wear it, until she gets the custody. Sunita says this girl is thinking me as her enemy. Rajendra says you are doing this only and didn’t understand your daughter.

Ritesh scolds Jatin for lying to him and asks why was he fooling him? Jatin says Sir…I…Kaamna comes there to save herself and scolds Jatin, asking him to leave. She tells Ritesh that she will get more good lawyer than him. Ritesh says I will bring back Zoon. He tells Rahul that he has done a mistake by sending Zoon to CAA. Deep and Dimpy comes there. Dimpy says we came to know that Zoon is staying in Vivek’s foster’s care and says if he wants then they can bring Zoon here. Ritesh gets an idea.

Indu meets the lawyer. Lawyer says Atul told me about your case and asks why you need the custody? Indu says Zoon is my daughter. The lawyer asks her to tell the truth as she hates liars. Indu says zoon is my daughter and I want her back. The lawyer asks why did she lie in court? Indu says she had to lie in court as she was helpless. She says I didn’t give birth to her, and that’s why I will always be in the witness box and will be judged. She asks if you can help me get my daughter’s custody. Lawyer assures that nobody else will get the custody except her.

Rahul asks Ritesh if we don’t have any other option. Ritesh tells that he has decided to take full custody of Zoon, and Indu can meet her whenever wanted, but she will stay here.

Kadambari tells Sameer that she will only get Zoon. Sameer says my brother will use all his power to get Zoon. Kadambari says why you are on my side, and why you didn’t tell him yet. She asks what is your advantage. Sameer says I genuinely feel that you are my friend. He says he don’t understand Ritesh’s logic, but you are her real mother so shall get her. Kadambari shakes hand with him and says lawyer said that he will file the case, and will get Zoon’s custody. Sameer says good luck.

Zoon comes to Indu and tells that she couldn’t sleep in Vivek uncle’s house. Indu says tomorrow I am going to file petition in court, for your custody. Zoon asks what do you mean? Indu says we stay in each other’s heart, but people think that we can’t stay together so we have to take court permission to stay together. Zoon asks like we take permission from teacher to go to toilet. Indu says yes, but nothing will change between me, your Moj and her love will be same, and we will take permission from court. She says I love you phuggi. Zoon says I love you too Moj.

Next day, Indu lights the diya infront of the goddess in the house. Rajendra comes there and bless Indu. Asha says all the best. Anjali hugs Indu and says all the very best. Sunita comes there and asks Asha to make Indu have curd and sugar. Indu gets emotional and eats it. She comes to Sunita. Zoon comes there and hugs Indu, says all the best. Indu thanks her. Zoon says my love will be with you always and we will win permission from court, nobody can defeat us. Indu says I love you. Zoon says I love you too. She ties the Mata Rani’s holy cloth on her head with Asha’s help. The title song plays…..Rajendra asks Indu to go to court and says you are getting late. Indu goes. Anjali gets Ritesh’s call and he insists to meet Zoon. Zoon takes the call and greets Ritesh. Ritesh says he wants her best of luck. Zoon offers help. Ritesh says no, I have to do this help. Zoon says your work will be done, and says Moj went for important work also. Ritesh ends the call. Zoon prays to Durga Maa and says fulfill moj and genie Ritesh’s work and says she will be happy.

Indu gets down barefeet from the car outside the court. Vivek asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine with Mata Rani’s blessings. Ritesh comes there in his car, with his guards. The media question him why is he adopting the child, if he will not marry. Sameer looks at him and thinks one girl and three claiming person, it would be enjoyable. Vivek says even Ritesh came to court. Indu says we know that this guy can go to any extent to separate Zoon from me.

Precap: Ritesh’s lawyer challenges Indu’s lawyer. Indu’s lawyer says this can be case for you, but it is war to unite a mother with her daughter. Indu and Ritesh challenge each other. Indu’s forehead holy cloth falls on Ritesh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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