Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu and Ritesh’s mehendi ceremony

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ritesh telling Indu that he knows that he is looking handsome and charming and says her dressing sense improved. Zoon comes there and says you are looking handsome. Indu lifts her. Zoon asks if he is feeling pain and asks for a hug. Rahul looks at Anjali and smiles, but she goes to Vivaan and shakes hand with him. Vivaan says I have brought something for you. She asks what? He shows her bracelet. Anjali says it is costly, I can’t take it. Vivaan says I will not give costly gift next time. Vivek’s mother tells Ritesh that when she saw him for the first time with Indu, she understood that his Jodi is set with her. She asks for selfie. Ritesh goes. Dolly tells Sunita that they are upset as nobody is dancing. Sunita asks what to do. Dolly says dance. Indu gets mehendi applied to her hands by the mehendi designer. Everyone dance. Indu comes to dance and her hair fall on her face. Ritesh moves her hair from her face and keeps her maang tika rightly. They dance. Zoon tells that she wants to get mehendi applied to her hand. Indu says it is school rule, mehendi is not allowed. Rahul asks Ritesh what to tell press, they want your interview. Ritesh says he can’t handle press now.

Mahesh sits in Sameer’s car. Sameer gives him ticket to Bhopal and says Kadambari don’t want to take risk and wants you to leave. Mahesh says I am not her Servant and asks him to ask Kadambari to marry Ritesh. Sameer gets angry. Mahesh tears the ticket and leave.

Zoon tells Ritesh that she wants to get mehendi applied. Ritesh says ok. Vivaan asks the designer to write his name on Anjali’s hand. Anjali says why shall I get your hand written on my hand. Vivaan says you like my name. Anjali says I shall like the guy too. Vivaan says you admitted that you like my name. Ritesh asks the designer to apply mehendi on Zoon’s hand. Indu stops Zoon and tells about the school rule. Ritesh takes Indu to side and says this is happening for Zoon. Indu says she had talked to the PT teacher and this rule can’t break. She says this means a lot to me. Ritesh thinks to talk to Vice Principal.

Sunita gets happy to see design on Indu’s hand. Indu says she will get the mehendi applied fully in sometime. Sunita gets emotional and says she will go and see the guests. Asha looks at someone’s mehendi. The lady Dimple asks Asha to get mehendi applied. Vivek’s mother says she is a widow. Vivek hears and asks Indu to help. Indu thinks to see Ritesh later. Vivek’s mother asks Asha not to break the rules and don’t get mehendi applied. Indu and Vivek hear her. Indu shows her mehendi to Asha and asks her to get mehendi applied. Asha says how can I get mehendi applied. Indu asks Asha to get mehendi applied to her hand and says you have all the rights to be happy. Asha smiles to get mehendi applied to her hand. Sunita asks Indu if she called Zoon’s Vice principal. Ritesh thanks her for coming. Rahul takes her inside. Indu asks Ritesh why did he call her? Ritesh says to seek permission from her. Ritesh asks Zoon to say yes whatever he says. Ritesh brings Zoon to Vice principal. VP says you are lucky to see your mother’s marriage. Ritesh says it is a special moment and shall be enjoyed. He says Zoon wants to get mehendi applied as everyone is applying. Indu says we can’t break the rules according to our convenience. Ritesh says we shall follow the rules which hurt us. Indu says rules is to follow. Ritesh asks VP if she can bend some rules for Zoon’s happiness. VP says rules are same for all kids and that’s why Zoon can’t get mehendi applied. Sunita asks VP and Zoon to have food. Indu tells Ritesh that his name and charm will not work anywhere. Ritesh says you will not mend your ways. He thinks he will make Zoon get mehendi applied on her hands.

Precap: Indu says money is not important for my daughter. Ritesh asks her to think about Zoon’s happiness and smiles and asks her not to fight. Indu says I will fight with you as she is my daughter. He says zoon is not your daughter. Kadambari comes there and says Zoon is my daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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