Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari claims Zoon’s custody

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kadambari’s lawyer filing the petition of Zoon’s adoption. Rajendra gets Asha’s message that Kadambari reached court and asking for Zoon’s custody. He gets shocked. Sunita asks what happened? Rajendra tells him. Kadambari’s lawyer tells that Kadambari has been searching for her daughter since 6 years, and she came to know about her daughter then two people are fighting for her custody. She says Kadambari is longing to meet her daughter. Indu’s lawyer objects, but Judge grants permission to Kadambari to meet Zoon inpresence of Indu. Sameer tells Kaamna that neither Indu nor Ritesh will get the custody of Zoon now. Judge dismiss the court till tomorrow. Indu’s lawyer asks did you know about kadambari? Indu says no, since that night, she didn’t see her. Asha tells Indu that Bob ji had seen her in the restaurant, few days back. Indu asks why didn’t he tell me? Asha says he didn’t want to trouble you. Lawyer says she will think what to do, as the case can be in her favor. Sameer smiles and comes infront of Kadambari. Kadambari looks at him and goes. Ritesh looks at them. Kaamna asks what is all this? Dolly says twist came like in your films. Rahul says lawyer wants to meet you. Kaamna asks Ritesh not to meet Kadambari. Rahul says Kadambari’s lawyer is an expert of adoption cases. Kaamna scolds Dolly.

Indu’s lawyer comes out and meets Kadambari’s lawyer. She says I have learnt from you and will fight with you. Kadambari’s lawyer asks her to control her emotions. Indu’s lawyer Meghna says she will win the case with her emotions. Kadambari asks Indu, how is she? She says I was searching Zoon since 6 years and thanks her. Indu says Zoon is my daughter. Kadambari says I will be her mother, even if we are separated. She says you can’t change our relation, and can’t snatch a mother’s rights from me. She thanks her for taking care of Zoon and turns to go. Ritesh asks Kadambari, what the hell? Kadambari says this is truth. Ritesh says it is better for Zoon to stay with me. Kadambari asks him not to sound dumb and says nobody can give a better life to a girl than her own mother. She says it will be better if Indu and you back out from this case else you both will lose badly. She says I have an appointment with interior designer, I am getting room ready for my daughter. She goes. Ritesh asks Indu if kadambari was Zoon’s mother. Indu says yes. She blames him for whatever happening and says if you haven’t complained to CAA then this wouldn’t have happened. She says Zoon will not go to Kadambari or you, she will come to me. Ritesh shouts Indu.

Ritesh’s lawyer asks him if he knows about Zoon and Kadambari’s relation. Ritesh says no. Lawyer says our chances to get Zoon is very low. Ritesh says Zoon shall not go to Kadambari, and tells that one side is Kadambari and other side is irresponsible mother like Indu. Rahul asks why you call her irresponsible always and counts whatever Indu has done for Zoon, and says she has done all the duties of a mother and that’s why Zoon regards Indu as her mother, if their relation was forced, then they wouldn’t have yearned for each other. He says you couldn’t see Indu’s goodness and asks him to think wisely, says Zoon can’t be happy with anyone, other than Indu, will not be happy with you. The lawyer advices him to take back the case as there is no point of fighting the case, which he will lose. Rahul says if we have to compete with Kadambari then we shall meet Indu. Ritesh hears Sameer telling Kadambari that she will get Zoon’s custody. He says I will come to meet you and then will discuss the case. Ritesh gets angry and says that’s why you was signing Kadambari, and says you want to ruin Zoon’s life. Sameer says Kadambari is Zoon’s mother, and praises her that she is capable and sorted. He asks you are ruining your career for Zoon and Indu, and asks what is your relation with them. He says people will say that you are separating a mother from her daughter. He says you are not letting the girl go to Indu or Kadambari. He says you can’t be right always, others can be right as well. He goes. Ritesh looks at the holy cloth in his hand and recalls Rahul’s words. Ritesh says now I understood what I shall do? He says Maa gave me this chunari, so that I can think wisely. He says if Zoon loves Indu, then who am I to stop her. He promises to devimaa that he will help Indu get Zoon’s custody. He thinks to meet Indu.

Indu talks to her employer and tells that she needs more time. Vivek comes there and tells Indu about Kadambari. He says Kadambari had written the article about Ritesh and Zoon. Indu says Meghna told that we have less chances of winning now. Vivek asks if Ritesh and Kadambari are together, may be he is afraid to lose and that’s why brought her back. He says they will win. Indu is sure that she will win.

Precap: Kadambari says I just need my property, after that I don’t care if that girl lives or dies. Sameer is shocked. Ritesh comes to Indu’s house to help her, but she refuses to take his help. Ritesh goes to the Court and Indu misunderstands his intentions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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