Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh decides to help Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek telling Zoon about Kadambari claiming her custody. Zoon says Devki Moj? Vivek says yes. Indu asks Zoon to have food and go to Vivek’s house to sleep. Zoon says Vivek uncle told me about my case. Indu says you have grown up. Zoon compares their heights and says very soon I will grow taller than you. Indu gets emotional. Zoon asks if she is in tension that Devki Moj will take her, and asks her not to worry, says I will not go anywhere. She hugs her. Indu asks her to go and sleep. She opens the door and finds Ritesh standing.

Sameer comes home and tells Vivaan that he has made Ritesh Malhotra quiet. He says he has seen defeat in his eyes, and tells that he is snatching his favorite things. He says one side is Ritesh’s loss and Kadambari’s victory. Vivaan says money will go to Kadambari. Sameer says I will win her trust and will marry her. He says just as I get married to her, I will get all her money. Vivaan appreciates his idea. Sameer says he has learnt from Kaamna.

Indu asks Ritesh to go. Zoon comes there and says she was missing him, and couldn’t come to meet him as her Moj was busy. She tells Ritesh that Devki Moj is coming to take her. Indu asks Zoon to go and have food. She sends Zoon inside. Ritesh is standing on the door still. Indu tells him that she can’t bear him and his obsession and asks him to go. Ritesh asks her to hear him once.

Sameer and kadambari drink wine. Sameer says nobody will win this case other than you. Kadambari thanks him. She says you have spied on me, then also I regard you as my friend. Sameer says I heard about Zoon while going. Kadambari says you might have heard about 5000 cr property which my dad left on Zoon’s name. She says if she could, then she wouldn’t have let her be born, it was too late for abortion. She says I hate her and don’t care if she lives or dies, after I get property. She then tells Sameer that she doesn’t trust him. He says you will trust me with time, and says you will get whatever you want, I am ready to help you, it is your call to call me your friend or enemy. Kadambari says cheers to Zoon, and says we will snatch her from Indu Raina.

Rajendra tells Indu that he should have told her about kadambari. Indu says its ok. She says she will meet Zoon and will go to court. Kadambari comes there and asks how are you, Indu? Indu asks what you are doing here? Kadambari says court permitted her to meet zoon. Indu asks what do you want. Kadambari asks her to understand her situation. Rajendra asks her to go. Kadambari says that night I fell weak, and when I realized my mistake, I searched for her. She says she is searching her since 6 years, and says how I would have searched her, no police complaint or adoption was filed. She says I just came to meet my daughter. Indu says you have lost the right to meet her, when you had eloped leaving her. She asks her to call her Zoon. Kadambari calls Zoon. Vivek brings Zoon there. Zoon says good morning Moj. Kadambari feigns smile and fake emotions for Zoon and says hi. Zoon says sorry, my Moj asked me not to talk to strangers. Kadambari says I am not stranger. Zoon asks who is she? Indu says she is your Devki Moj. Zoon asks how she can be Devki Moj and asks why you are wearing such clothes. She says I didn’t see anyone wearing saree like this and says your hair are very dirty, and asks if your Moj don’t apply oil in your hair. Indu scolds her politely. Zoon says sorry and tells that her Moj is so beautiful. She says I don’t like you and goes inside. Indu says sorry to Kadambari. Kadambari says I saw how you have made her mannerless in 6 years. Indu says I will win, I really don’t care what you say. Kadambari says we will meet directly in court.

Ritesh comes to meet Judge Swati Damle. Judge asks why did you come to meet me and says you made my senior called me so I couldn’t refuse. Ritesh says he came to talk about zoon. He says she can’t walk and needs proper treatment. Judge recalls saving her and taking her to the PS. She asks if she is Zoon? Ritesh asks if you know her? Judge says I had met her. She says she don’t discuss the case with anyone and asks him not to favor Indu or Kadambari. She says I had met her on the road, when she was crossing the road, I dropped her to the PS. Ritesh says you are thinking wrong and realizes that Zoon must have met her when she had eloped from the CAA centre. She asks him to go. Ritesh leaves. Indu comes there and sees ritesh. She says superb, I will note down your cheap tactics. She says you uses your power and resources to take things in your side and asks how much bribe he has given to Judge. Ritesh says you are thinking me wrong. Indu says you can’t defeat my love, and all your wealth will be nothing infront of my love. Ritesh thinks how to make her understand.

Precap: Kadambari lies in court. Indu says she had left the girl in the bus and left. Judge asks if she has any proofs? Indu says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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