Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Judge questions Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna asking Rajendra about Indu. Indu comes there. Meghna asks her to give kadambari’s letter. Indu searches for the letter and finds it missing. She says letter is not here. Meghna asks did you forget it at home? Indu says I had kept it in the file. Meghna asks if it was fallen out of the file. Indu rushes out and searches for the letter. Ritesh looks at her and asks what happened? Indu says I couldn’t find my letter. She turns and doubts Ritesh, asking him where is the letter? She checks in his pocket and says you have hidden it so that Zoon doesn’t stay with me. Ritesh asks her to calm down and holds her face. He says I don’t have any letter. Indu says you have my letter and requests him to give letter. Ritesh asks her to shut up. Rajendra asks Indu if she got the letter. Indu pleads infront of Ritesh to give the letter and cries. Rajendra comes there and says Meghna is calling you inside. Judge asks Meghna what do you mean that letter is missing. Kadambari’s lawyer says Indu is fooling us, there is no letter. She asks her to show the letter in court. The Judge says until you show the letter, this court can’t take the proceedings forward. Kadambari’s lawyer says she wants to prove few things in court. She says this is Indu Raina and Kadambari Patel’s bank statement and says Kadambari can take care of Zoon well, and says money shall be sufficient for good upbringing of the child. Judge says Money is not everything in life. Kalpana says it is important part of future. Judge says I need sometime to think, and dismisses the court for sometime.

Indu cries. Judge thinks for a while and comes back to the court room. She says before taking a decision, she wants to meet Zoon Raina tomorrow in court. Kadambari rejoice and tells that tomorrow Zoon and Indu will get separated. Sameer says decision will be taken on Zoon’s statement. Kadambari says Zoon is just 6 years old. Sameer says this judge is emotional type. Kadambari says I am Zoon’s biological mother, so court has to give the baby to me. She asks him to chill and celebrate. He asks if you trust me now? Kadambari says a little bit. He says you have many expectations. Kadambari says yes. Sameer says my intention will not change, I will fulfill all your hopes and will bear all your tantrums, I am ready to wait for you for lifetime. Kadambari says lets see. He thinks it is matter of 5000 crores.

Vivek asks Indu if she told Zoon that she needs to go to court tomorrow. Indu says she will tell her and says she feels bad that she has to face so much. Zoon comes there. Indu tells her that Judge aunty wants to ask some questions from her and asks her to give the right reply. Zoon asks if it is for the permission to stay together. She says I will tell Judge that I want to stay with my Moj. She asks if Judge aunty will let me stay with you. Indu says yes. Zoon gets happy and says we will sleep together. Indu kisses her. Vivek takes Zoon from there. Indu thinks nobody shall separate them after tomorrow.

Indu and Zoon come to court next day. Zoon sees Ritesh and says hi. Ritesh says hi. Indu says we are getting late, will go inside. Zoon insists to meet ritesh. Ritesh says I have brought chocolates for you. Zoon says you are best and gives her chocolates. She asks for a hug. Judge stops to look at them. Zoon asks if you will come with me inside. Ritesh says I will come there and hear you. Zoon says nobody will separate Moj and me, and asks if you will come to stay with us. Ritesh and Indu look at each other. Judge hears them. Ritesh asks do you want me to stay with you. Zoon says then we can stay as a family. Ritesh says if I could then I would have taken you home and made you family, but problem is that you have traffic constable in your home who couldn’t drive her own car, don’t know how she drives the family car. Indu says she might don’t know how to drive, but knows how to cancel the licence. Ritesh says cancel it and see what happens. Indu says first steal car and drive. Ritesh asks if you are threatening me? Indu asks him to think whatever he wants to. Zoon asks them not to fight and asks them to smile. They smile and keep hand on Zoon’s head. Then they hold Zoon’s hand and go inside the courtroom. Bohot pyaar karte hai plays…..Judge looks on.

Judge comes to the court room. Zoon identifies her and says hi aunty. Indu asks what are you doing? Zoon says I know her and asks how are you? Judge says I am fine and says we will talk after sometime. She says she wants to ask few questions to Zoon. Indu asks her to reply truly. Judge asks Zoon whom she loves the most? Zoon says she loves her Moj, as she is world’s best Moj. She says she loves me a lot, sings lullaby for me, makes my favorite food and makes good hairstyle. She says she brings good gifts for me, feeds me icecream and takes me to school. Judge asks if you want to say anything. Zoon says I have complaint too, Moj scolds me sometimes. Indu gets tensed. Kadambari smiles. Judge looks at Zoon. Zoon says Moj then kisses me and cheers me up. Indu, Ritesh and Rahul smiles hearing her. Zoon says nobody can be better than my Moj. Judge asks her to go and sit. Suddenly Zoon falls down. Kadambari acts and runs, asking her to hold her hand. Indu stops Ritesh from going to Zoon.

Precap: Kalpana calls Sunita in the court room. She asks did you refuse to let Zoon stay at home and asked her to keep her in orphanage? Sunita says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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