Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Sunita gives statement in Indu’s favor

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kadambari asking Zoon to hold her hand and get up. Indu asks Zoon to get up. Ritesh asks Indu to help her get up, like a good mother and says Judge is watching. Indu asks Zoon to get up and asks what your Moj taught you? Zoon says you had said that even if the way is difficult. Indu says even if there are many hurdles. Zoon says even if I fall down many times. Indu says even if you have many injuries. Zoon says I have to get up myself, as I am not weak. Indu says very good, and asks her to get up. Zoon gets up on her own. Everyone claps for her. Zoon says sorry Moj, I fell down. Indu says no problem. Zoon asks Kadambari to give her side. Zoon goes to Ritesh and hugs him. Kalpana says the girl praised her mother a lot and will say as she is taught. Meghna asks if she is dismissing the girl’s statement. Kalpana tells that she wants to call Indu’s family member here. Sunita comes there. Indu and Vivek get shocked. Kadambari and Sameer smiles. Sunita tells Indu that they have come to take me to give statement, I was working in house. Kalpana says sorry, we have to call you here. She says we came to know that your behavior is bad with Zoon. Sunita says this is not truth. Kalpana says when Indu had brought Zoon home, did you ask her to keep her in orphanage. Sunita says I was worried for Indu’s marriage and was worried that it might not happen due to Zoon. Kalpana asks whom will you choose between Indu and Zoon’s happiness. Sunita says Indu’s happiness. Kalpana says Sunita might throw Zoon out of the house if Indu doesn’t marry. Meghna asks Sunita if she beats Zoon or illtreats her. Sunita says no. Meghna asks if you want Zoon to be part of Indu’s life. Sunita says I want Zoon to stay with Indu for forever. Kadambari and Sameer are shocked. Ritesh, Indu and Vivek get happy. Sunita says Zoon is everyone’s life and has filled colors in our family, and has taught us that the relations are made by heart and not just with blood and it is more deeper than blood relations. Judge says I want to talk to Zoon alone.

Judge meets Zoon and says you have reached here before me. Zoon has drawn the painting and tells that this is her family, which has Moj, Papa and Zoon. Judge says Zoon has just Moj and herself. Zoon says she needs Papa, as Papa does all the work. She says my Moj comes to my school functions alone, and tells that she feels bad infront of her. She praises Indu and says she takes care of office and also her. She says my Nani calls Moj as super woman. She says if I had Papa, then he would have helped my Moj, and that’s why I need Papa for me and Moj. She asks her to give permission to Moj to stay together. Judge gets thinking.

Ritesh asks Indu if Zoon didn’t come till now. Indu keeps her hand bag on the bench. Ritesh asks if you can’t see 6 feet man. Indu says she can see drama company and not any human. He says even I can see driving licence and not any human. He looks on. Indu asks why you are looking at me. Ritesh says I am seeing at Judge’s cabin for zoon and says even driving licence has misunderstanding. Judge asks Zoon, what kind of Papa she wants. Zoon says she wants genie Ritesh. Judge says superstar Ritesh Malhotra. She shows her Karthik and Ranbir Kapoor’s pic. Zoon says she doesn’t need them, but wants Genie Ritesh. She tells whatever Ritesh has done for her. Judge thinks Zoon loves Ritesh and gives him the place of her Papa, and Ritesh also loves her as his daughter. Zoon asks can I go to my Papa. Judge says ok and asks if she wants to do lunch with her. Zoon says my Moj brought lunch for us. Judge asks Peon to take her to her mother. Judge’s husband comes there and says he was missing her so brought lunch for her. Judge says how can I refuse my retired judge.

Indu and Ritesh argue with each other. Ritesh says if she has problem then she shall go. Indu asks him not to think the bench as his private property. Zoon comes there and asks if they are again fighting. Indu and Ritesh sign at each other and says not I….Zoon says bad boy and bad girl. Indu and Ritesh say sorry. Zoon says she is very hungry. Indu says we shall go to garden. Ritesh says we shall go to my car. Zoon says I want to go to car. Indu says we shall have food sitting on bench. Zoon asks where genie Ritesh will sit. Indu says he has work and will go. Zoon asks Ritesh to wait for some more time. Ritesh says ok. Zoon says I will sit on your lap. Ritesh sits while Zoon sits on her lap and asks Indu to make her have food fast. Indu sits on the bench and takes out the tiffin.

Precap: Judge tells that for a child’s better future, along with love and family care, financial stability is also needed. Ritesh tells his mother that he wants Zoon to get a better life. Shakuntala comes outside with their help and signs at Sindoor. Ritesh picks it and asks what to do with it. Shakuntala takes Indu’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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