Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Judge’s verdict to be out in 7 days

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Judge Swati telling her husband that she is very confused and thinking about Zoon’s life. He says you are confused. Judge Swati tells that three people are involved, one is Zoon, second is Indu Raina who is her Yashoda and the third is Ritesh, superstar who has heart relation with them. She says today I saw Zoon’s little hands holding their hands, and was like a perfect family, but they are not family. She says other side is Kadambari who is her biological mother who has much wealth. She says both the families didn’t have a father. Her husband asks her to take back two steps and think. She says ok, I will ask driver to bring out the car. She comes out of her cabin and sees Indu, Ritesh and Zoon sitting on the bench. She sees Indu feeding food to Zoon, while the latter is sitting in his lap. Judge looks at them smiling.

Kadambari tells Sameer that Zoon and Judge’s meeting might affect my case. Sameer asks her to relax and says final judgement is remaining and don’t forget that there is a big surprise for Indu and Ritesh. Judge says she wants to question Kadambari Patel and Indu Raina. She asks Kadambari to tell, how she will handle Zoon if she gets married tomorrow. Kadambari says she has decided not to marry, as she is not just a girl, but a mother and will sacrifice her life for Zoon. She says I don’t want to complicate Zoon’s life with a step father, and tells that she can live her life without a partner, but can’t live without Zoon.

Judge says same question for Indu too and asks how will you handle Zoon, if you gets married. Indu says marriage is not my priority, I am very happy with my daughter, if someone comes in my life who loves Zoon more than me, if Zoon is important to him then I can think of marriage with him, just for Zoon’s happiness, as I know that Zoon misses her Papa. Ritesh hears Indu. Indu says Zoon and I are very happy with each other. Judge asks Kadambari if she never marries, then how Zoon will get her father. Kadambari says if Zoon wants then I will marry, if I find a good guy who accepts Zoon, then I will marry for her happiness. Judge says this thing was told by Indu just now. Kadambari says I mean…Judge asks her to tell about her perception. Kadambari says even I have same perception. Judge asks them to sit.

Kalpana says I want to remind something to court and says marriage is not Indu’s priority, but it is in list as her family treats Zoon with changing mood. She says Indu doesn’t have much salary, that she can fulfill Zoon’s needs. She says if Zoon stays with Indu, then she has to live suffocating her wishes. She says Indu didn’t do anything good with Zoon till now, and appeals to Judge not to give Zoon’s custody to Indu, as she can’t give good upbringing to Zoon. Zoon says you are saying wrong. Judge asks Zoon if she wants to say something then come forward and say. Zoon comes forward and tells that she wants to say that her Moj is the world best Moj and has taken good care of her, fulfilled all her wishes and she is very happy with her. She says she don’t like Devki Moj, and says once she had come to my school and had scolded me a lot. She says she wants to stay with Indu Moj and not with Devki Moj. Kalpana asks Judge to see what values Indu had given to Zoon. She says this is court, where a girl is misbehaving and says she is a little girl and didn’t know her betterment, says Indu Raina shall not get her custody and says the big reason is Indu Raina’s financial status. Judge says I understand your point and also understands that kids have understanding about manners and misbehavior, as whatever they do is with hearts and that’s why touches people’s heart. She says if the matter is about Indu Raina’s financial stability then court will think about it. Ritesh tells Rahul that he will give money for Zoon. Rahul says Indu will not take money as she is an independent woman and her self respect is no. 1 priority for her. Judge says it is very clear that Indu Raina is a good mother, but she can’t do good upbringing with her limited salary. She says other side is Kadambari Patel, who has financial stability but she didn’t have cordial relations with Zoon. She says life doesn’t run with money, but little money is needed. She says this court will give its verdict after a week and till then it is dismissed.

Meghna asks Indu not to get sad and says we have even now 7 days time. Indu says neither my job or salary will change. Meghna says may be your destiny will change in 7 days. Indu sees Ritesh with Zoon and says his name. Meghna asks if there is someone who can change your destiny. Indu says she will be back. Kadambari hopes that the Judge takes decision in her favor. Sunita apologizes to Indu. Indu hugs her and says she will bring Zoon back from Ritesh. Ritesh says Zoon said good things in court so she will get treat today. He asks what she would like to have? Zoon says icecream. Indu says if you have icecream then you will get unwell and needs injection. He asks if we shall go to have brownie. Indu says teeth will be black then and will break. Zoon asks what we will eat then? Indu says home made food, which is healthy. Ritesh says you didn’t make milkshake and asks her to come, calling her driving licence. She says ok and tells that she will ask Vivek and Moj to go. Indu and Zoon are sitting in the restaurant. Indu asks Zoon what Judge aunty told you. Zoon says she liked my painting and I told her that I want to stay with Moj. She says she said that she likes genie Ritesh too and wants to stay with him also, like a happy family. Indu gets thinking. Zoon asks did I say right? Ritesh brings milk shake and gives to Zoon and gives icecream to Indu. Ritesh and Zoon drink milk shake while Indu thinks of Judge’s words that financial stability is also important. She thinks of her words that if someone comes to her life, who loves Zoon more than her, then she will marry him.

Precap: Ritesh tells Shakuntala that Judge gave 7 days time to give verdict, and says she will give the custody to the ones who has financial stability and good family. He asks what shall I tell Zoon. Shakuntala comes out of the room with help and signs at sindoor. Ritesh takes the sindoor and asks Shakuntala what to do with it. Shakuntala takes Indu’s name surprising Ritesh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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