Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala takes Indu’s name surprising Ritesh

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul telling Ritesh that there is more chances of Kadambari’ win. Ritesh says I knew it and that’s why offering financial help to Indu. Rahul says court see it with different perspective and Swati Damle is practical judge, but sensitive with childs case. He says she wants zoon to get complete family and financial stability. Ritesh repeats the words. Asha asks Indu to get financial help from Ritesh. Indu says I will die, but will not ask any help. She says this all started due to Ritesh. Asha says it would have happen some day. Indu says I accept that I got the courage to adopt Zoon because of him and says that doesn’t mean that I shall forgive him. Asha says court is seeing your bank balance and says you might lose your daughter due to your ego. Indu says I will find some way and says this is final. Kadambari tells Sameer that she has filed custody at the right time and says everything is in my favor. Sameer says you said right and shows the ring. He bends down on his knees. Kadambari says this is shock for me and not surprise and says I don’t know what to say. Sameer asks don’t you like me. Kadambari says she needs time to think. Sameer says ok, I will wait for you. He thinks he is fed up of acting, don’t know how much time this lady needs.

Ritesh comes to his mother Shakuntala and asks Jaya to go. He sits with his mother and tells her about Zoon’s case. He says the court will give Zoon to the good family who has financial stability. He says they don’t have finances and I don’t want kadambari to get her custody. He says Zoon can’t live without Indu and Kadambari will ruin her life. He says I want Zoon to be happy and Indu is so stubborn. He asks his mother to drink tea and calls Jaya. Shakuntala takes Indu’s name. Ritesh hears and asks did you take Indu’s name. Shakuntala says Indu again. Ritesh gets overwhelmed and happy, says he heard saying something after her accident. He asks her to try to take his name. Shakuntala says Indu. Ritesh says you want me to financially support Indu. He goes out and tells Rahul. Rahul says it won’t be good if you help Indu without her consent. Rahul asks him to rethink. Ritesh says he will not think as Maa said. He goes with Rahul and calls Indu. Anjali picks the call. Ritesh asks Indu to come out as he is waiting. Anjali asks Indu to go for Zoon. Rahul tells Ritesh that Indu will not come out as she don’t like you. He goes to get something. Indu comes out. Ritesh is sitting on his knees and asks Indu to give her hand. Indu asks why? Ritesh says he had cramped in his foot and he gets up holding her hand. He says whatever happened in court. Indu asks her to come to point and says she doesn’t have time. Ritesh says I came to give this pendrive. Indu asks what is in it? Rahul gives the file. Ritesh tells that he has made some fixed deposits and mutual funds on Zoon’s name of 50 Lakhs. He says Judge will give Zoon’s custody to you. Indu asks if he is giving her charity and refuses to take the help from him. She scolds him and asks him to go. Ritesh goes. Vivek and Zoon come there and hear, as Ritesh leaves. Anjali also hears them. Zoon asks if you have a fight with Ritesh, then he didn’t meet me. She says she wants to meet him. Indu takes her to sleep.

Ritesh comes to Rahul and says Indu doesn’t want it, and said that she don’t want charity. He asks if she will understand if I hang upside down with the wall. Rahul says it is not her mistake and says I will go and talk to her. He goes. Anjali asks Indu if Zoon slept. Indu says she came to take her story book. Anjali asks Indu to take Ritesh’s help. Indu refuses to take the help and says why shall I take money from him, he is not Zoon’s Papa. Rahul comes there and hears them. Anjali says if Ritesh becomes Zoon’s Papa then and tells that he is perfect father for Zoon. Indu says you have gone mad and goes. Rahul tells Anjali that this is best solution, and says smart girl, Anjali.

Ritesh gets call from home. He tells Rahul that Maa is unwell and they go home. Kaamna asks what happened to you. She asks do you want to go to bathroom. Jaya says she had gone to bathroom sometime back. Ritesh comes there. Shakuntala signs that she wants to go out. Ritesh says may be she wants to go to terrace for fresh air. They bring her out of room. Shakuntala signs at the sindoor. Kaamna asks do you need prasad. Shakuntala nods no. Jaya says she is signing at sindoor. Ritesh brings sindoor and asks what to do with it. Shakuntala says Indu….

Precap: Indu wakes up Ritesh. Ritesh sees her standing as his wife. She says I have so much work and asks if I waste my time as you are my husband. She comes to the bathroom and asks him to come out in 2 mins.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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