Riddhima : What the hell means I won’t get salary ? Is this an office ?

Angrey : Shh!! Dheere bol ,Boss will hear it

Riddhima : I am not scared off him

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” Angrey ” . A man called him with a loud voice. Riddhima looked him in anger . He looked her keenly

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Riddhima ; Mr. Vansh Singhania, it’s been 4 months I haven’t got my salary. Can you give a valid reason for not giving salary ?

Vansh : This is company’s rule. Newly appointing staffs will get salary only after an year .

Riddhima : What kind of rule is this ? And if it was a rule then why you didn’t tell me when I joined here ?

Vansh : Zaruri nahi samjha .

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Riddhima : What ? Are you a man or a sadist ? You need slaves, not staffs. If you won’t give it then I will file complaint against you .

Vansh : Angrey, tell her that she already signed an agreement at which this rule was written at page 8 , paragraph 10, point 6.

Riddhima : Is it ? Where is it ?

Angrey gives the file

Riddhima checks and gets shocked

Riddhima : How can a person read all pages and pages while joining ?

Vansh : I asked you clearly do you read each sentence,each wording before joining and you nodded your head much confidentally.

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Riddhima : That was my necessity

Vansh ; And this is my company’s necessity. Now stop uttering and focus on work

Riddhima thought : It’s all my bad fate. I am helpless to do this job. But Vansh , beware of me . I will definitely seek revenge for doing this to me .

Next week 

Riddhima applied a leave application for attending a wedding. Vansh called her in cabin.

Vansh : You can’t take leave for this silly things

Riddhima : My cousin sister’s wedding is happening and I have to be there .

Vansh : You can’t took leave within these one year . Tell them to postpone wedding and what’s need of you there ? You are not the bride !!

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Riddhima : I wonder are you a human being or a beast who have no emotions at all . Everytime either anger or screaming one word ….Angrey…Angrey. Bechara , he is your P.A. But you are treating him as if he is your body guard for 24 hours.

Vansh :Riddhima !!!

AN ; Hello guys, This is the first time I am trying writing for Riansh,. The plot is not similar to the original show , this is just an imaginary story which is inspired from a Telugu movie Boss. But not the whole story will be like that movie, I have added changes on it. Keep reading and express your views in comments 

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