Channa Mereya 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi takes care of a broken-hearted Ginni

Channa Mereya 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginni beats up Sam’s board and throws it in the fire she started. Sam shouts that you are the careless one, you are talking about your heritage but how did you handle your heritage? You don’t even know where your father’s diary is and you don’t know what this dhaba was going through. She leaves from there. Ginni is hurt.

Adi starts painting. He prepares a surprise for Ginni.

Ginni is going back home and cries recalling Sam’s words. She comes to the Guradwarah and prays there. Adi is calling her but she doesn’t see that. Ginni prays to show her a path towards that diary.

Adi is waiting for Ginni and says I need to remain. He sees Ginni entering the house and stares at her. He says you are back so soon? I mean I was waiting for you but you didn’t even take my call. Ginni says my phone died. Adi says yeah that’s an old excuse. Ginni says I will go and drink water, Adi says wait for that, I have to show you something.

Adi brings Ginni to the porch and she sees it decorated like her dhaba. She gets emotional and smiles looking at the decorations and paintings there. Adi holds her hand and they both slow-dance together… it turns out be Adi’s imagination but he sees Ginni crying after looking at the decorations. Adi offers her water but Ginni mistakenly drops the glass. Adi cuts his hand mistakenly but Ginni sucks on his finger and ties a cloth onj it. Adi says it’s a small wound, I have many wounds that can’t heal. He sits down and says when I started boxing, I got many wounds but those wound use to soothe. I made a connection with these wounds after my mother left me. Ginni sits with him and says I can understand your pain, I know how it feels to lose a close one but it’s our responsibility to keep their memories alive. Their memories is what make us feel close to them. Adi asks what happened? Ginni says when I went to the dhaba, I saw Sam and Goldie trying to open a chinese restaurant after destroying my father’s dhaba. It broke me from inside. You know my father had a recipe diary but I lost it and could never find it. I feel so broken, she cries and hugs Adi. Adi consoles her. Ginni says my papa just wanted me to take care of the dhaba and I can’t even do that. Adi says I know how you are feeling, it’s okay to feel like this. Let’s eat something now. Don’t tell me you are not hungry because I am. He sits with her and says I have made dhaba dishes. Ginni is surprised to see that. Adi says I know you are worried but if you want to fight for your dreams then you can’t sleep hungry. He makes her eat with his hands. Ginni smiles and makes him eat too. They both smile at each other.

PRECAP – Adi comes to the dhaba and tells Gulabo that I will work here today but Ginni shouldn’t find out. Ginni calls Gulabo and says I was ready to come but Gulabo lies that they have hired a new chef. Ginni talks to the chef and says just do as I say. The new chef is Adi so he muffles his voie and says I am working so don’t disturb me. Ginni comes to the dhaba and looks for the chef. She finds Adi there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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