Channa Mereya 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Darji comes back before Adi & Ginni’s wedding

Channa Mereya 20th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginni arrives at Adi’s house at their wedding function. Adi stares at her. Sharja tells Gurleen that you should go back to her husband after the marriage.

Akash comes to the store room and looks for a diary. He finds Khushwant’s diary and says I will make paper planes out of it. He tears some papers from it.

Adi and Ginni sit in the function together. Adi teases her and says I can touch you as you are my wife. Gurleen and Manveen come there and tease them. Sam arrives there as a waiter. Adi tries to talk to Ginni but they keep getting disturbed by guests. Adi tells Ginni that you will be my wife after tomorrow and then you will be mine. Ginni says then you won’t a choice. Adi says I will become your husband, your protector, I promise to always protect you more than my life. Ginni smiles. Akash comes there and shows a paper plane but Ginni doesn’t see that.

Sam makes a drink for Ginni and spikes it. Armaan tells Supreet that the band canceled their booking at the last moment. The dhol band arrives there suddenly. Ginni hugs Adi and smiles. Darji arrives there and hugs them. All family members dance together. Amber is angry and thinks Darji will force me to give everything to Adi now. Darji blesses Adi and Ginni. Adi says I am so happy to see you here. Darji says I am blessed to see you get married again. We will have a grand wedding now. Darji says I didn’t come here earlier because of another reason. He asks Gurleen about her husband. Sharja says Adi planned his wedding suddenly so I just called Gurleen. Amber says we should have a couple’s dance.

Adi and Ginni do a coupel dance together. Sam comes to Amber and is dressed as a waiter. Darji thinks I have to clarify things with Ginni before their wedding, that will be repentence. Adi and Ginni end their dance. All clap for them.

Amber finda a paper plane and is shocked to see it’s a paper from Khushwant’s diary. He asks Akash who tells him he got it from the store.

Ginni coughs so Adi calls for a juice. Sam brings a juice for Ginni and smirks. Ginni glares at her and says Sam? Sam runs from there. Ginni and Adi run behind her.

Amber finds Khushwant’s diary and says I will burn it today and end this matter. Ginni will never find the truth. He is about to burn it but Darji stops him and says you think you can hide the truth by burning this truth? You can’t stop the truth from coming it. Ginni will be so heartbroken when she finds the truth like this. I have decided to tell the truth to Ginni before her wedding. Amber is shocked. Darji says this is Khushwant’s heritage and Ginni should own this. I did a crime of taking over Khushwant’s diary. I should have told the truth to Ginni before. Amber says you did all this for your family, you did nothing wrong. Everyone does it for their family. If you didn’t take my side then we wouldn’t have this hotel chain otherwise we would still be on roads. Darji says no, this was my crime and I have to repent for it. Amber looks on.

PRECAP – Darji asks Amber about Ginni but he says she must be around. Amber goes and burns Khushwant’s diary. Ginni comes there and is about to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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