Channa Mereya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi prays for Ginni’s recovery

Channa Mereya 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi is waiting outside the OT for Ginni to get better. He sees Ginni struggling to breathe while the doctors are treating her. He is worried for her. Gulabo says Ginni cares about others more than herself, she is fighting a battle against death now. She destroyed her life just to save her brother’s life. She was denied in Darji’s house but she still fulfilled her duties, it’s been one month to her marriage and she is in the hospital. Nobody cares for her there, she put her life in danger but there is no value for her there. Amber and Suppreet arrive there. Supreet says Ginni is not alone, we are all with her. Adi looks on hearing that. Taya ji says we are all here for her. Amber asks Armaan about Ginni’s health. Armaan says she is not responding to the treatment. Supreet consoles Gulabo and says she saved Adi’s life, we can’t ever repay her. She cares about her family more than her life, her family matters to her the most. Adi recalls Ginni’s words. Supreet says Ginni has proven that she is our strongest pillar, we couldn’t have found a better daughter-in-law than her. Adi leaves from there.

Adi sits outside the hospital. Taya ji comes there and says this is the best hospital for Ginni right? You would want to repay her right? You wanted to repay her as payment but how will you pay her back now that she has saved your life? Adi thinks she should have let me die. Taya ji says I wish your mother was here to tell you that relationships are not like deals which you can deal with payments. Adi sadly leaves from there.

Adi is walking on the roads. Armaan comes there and says Ginni is in a severe condition, I am going to buy medicines for her. He leaves. Adi sees a guradwarah and recalls Ginni’s words that all his prayers can be fulfilled there. A small girl tells him to pray to him and all his worries will go away. Adi prays to Lord and says Ginni is your follower so why are you punishing her? I never came back here after my mother died but I am here today for Ginni. He falls to his knees and says Ginni made me realize why I am angry in life, if I lose her then I won’t be able to have hope ever again. I won’t have a purpose in life anymore. I am filled with anger but Ginni brought hope in my life. I am begging you to save her life. He stands on one foot and says I will keep standing here like this till she wakes up. Adi is getting dizzy as he keeps standing there all night long. After some time, Adi is in pain and faints. On the otherside, Ginni wakes up.

In the morning, Adi wakes up in the Guradwarah. He imagines his mother telling him to wake up and go to Ginni. Armaan comes there and says Ginni is awake, your prayers worked. He takes him from there. Armaan sees his feet hurting and says you were praying for her on one foot? Adi sits on a bench and is in pain. Armaan asks why all this for Ginni? I think you are guilty? But you must be guilty if you take Ginni as someone close to you? Adi looks on.
PRECAP – Adi comes to Ginni’s ward room and says why did you do that? Why did you come in front of me? What was the reason to save me? Ginni smiles and says reasons are valid in deals but there are no reasons when it comes to relationships. They both share an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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