Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi shows affection towards Ginni

Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Armaan asks Adi if he is doing all this out of guilt but you must care for Ginni to feel the guilt? You never went to the Guradwarah then why did you come here for Ginni? You might say that you did it for humanity but how come you stood on one foot the whole night for Ginni? Ginni saved you from Sam and now she put her life in danger for you. Adi says I will ask her when she wakes up but nobody has ever done something like this for me, I didn’t know what to do so I recalled how my mother used to come here and pray. I had forgotten these paths but Ginni reminded of this place again. Armaan says I kept trying for years that you show your pent-up emotions but I couldn’t do it, you are showing your emotions now so it must be Ginni’s magic on you? You have to ask yourself who is Ginni is for you? What do you feel for her? Think about it.

The doctor checks Ginni and says she is stable now. Ginni wakes up and asks for Adi. Outside the OT, Armaan brings Adi to the hospital and he is limping. Armaan asks what happened to you? Adi says Ginni saved my life so I could do this at least for her. Amber thinks Ginni has earned Adi’s trust now, she will try to act like a devi in front of him now. The doctor comes there and says Ginni woke up and she asked for Adi first. Adi recalls Armaan’s words. Armaan says I will take you inside. He brings him to Ginni’s room and closes the door. Amber is worried and thinks Ginni can’t remember much otherwise he will be in trouble.

Adi sits in Ginni’s wardroom while she is sleeping, the nurse tells him that we will monitor her, call me if you need anything, she leaves. Adi sadly looks at Ginni sleeping. Ginni murmurs Adi’s name in her sleep. Adi caresses her head to calm her down, he caresses her face and lovingly looks at her. He holds her hand tightly. Ginni wakes up and sees him looking at her with concern and tears in his eyes. Ginni tries to get up but he asks her to keep lying down. Ginni asks if he is okay? Adi wipes his tears and says why did you take a bullet for me? Why did you save my life? Ginni says relationships are made without reasonings, right? Adi looks at her, they both stare at each other. Iss pal mein hoon plays. Adi says what if anything happened to you? What would have I told your mom? How can you have so much strength? Ginni says I know nothing can happen to me when you and God are with me. Adi holds her hand and caresses her head. Amber sees them from the window and thinks if Sam could fool Adi then Adi could be totally submissive to Ginni now that she has taken a bullet for him, she will do everything to maintain this relationship. I just have to make sure that Ginni doesn’t remember anything.

In the morning, Adi is in Ginni’s ward room while she is sleeping. The family members come there but Adi asks them to leave. They all leave. Adi keeps recalling Ginni taking a bullet for him. He holds her hand and stares at her.

Later on, Ginni wakes up, Adi brings soup for her and feeds it to her. Ginni is surprised to see his concern. Ginni tries to reach for water but can’t so Adi helps her in getting it and makes her drink it too. Gulabo and her family arrive there. Gulabo gives sindoor to Adi, she leaves from there. Adi looks on.

PRECAP – Adi brings Ginni back home. Akash welcomes her. Adi lifts Ginni in his arms and takes her from there. Adi asks Ginni if she remembers seeing the shooter? Amber comes there so Ginni says he is the one, he was behinding the tree. Adi gets angry and grabs Amber.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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