Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi consoles Ginni after she has nightmares

Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginni starts coughing after eating spicy food, Adi gets worried and calls a doctor. He gives her water and asks if she is okay? She nods. He makes her lie on the bed and smells soup. He tastes it and is shocked. He goes from there.

Adi comes to the kitchen and shouts at the chef. Sharja asks what happened? Adi says anything could have happened to Ginni, I will cook food for Ginni from now on. You all can leave. Adi starts cooking for Ginni.

Ginni is changing her clothes and trying to close her dori. Adi comes there and says I told you to rest and call me if you need anything. I will help you. He separates her hair and starts tying her dori. Ginni feels shy. Adi tries to close her zip but it’s stuck so he uses his teeth. Ginni feels conscious of being close to him. Adi comes closer from behind. He makes her sit down and puts her cast on. He makes her lie on the bed and asks her to rest. He goes from there. Ginni smiles.

Scene 2
Ginni imagines someone shooting Adi in her dream… she wakes up and shouts for Adi.. Adi wakes up and says I am here. Ginni hugs him tightly and says I saw someone shooting you and I couldn’t do anything. Adi asks her to relax and says I am here, don’t worry. Ginni says the shooter can attack you again. Adi says we will find the shooter soon, just go to sleep. He asks her to lie on the bed. Ginni goes to sleep. Adi thinks her safety is more important, I have to find out who the shooter as this is bothering Ginni.

In the morning, Ginni wakes up and sees her lying on Adi who is sleeping in the bed with her. Adi wakes up, they both share an eye lock. Ginni moves away and says I am sorry, I slept here without realizing. Adi stops her and caresses her hair. Adi says you had bad dreams that’s why I slept here with you. Ginni apologizes for cramping his shoulder. Adi says I am okay, I am not scared of dying but scared of nightmares. I always had bad dreams when I was a child.. he looks at her and says why am I telling you all this. He says I will make breakfast. Ginni looks on. Adi says I will make your dhaba style breakfast. Ginni says no no.. you make good breakfast, it’s just I don’t have breakfast before taking a shower. Adi says so you want me to give you a shower? Ginni shoves him away and says don’t be dirty. Adi laughs and says take a shower, he leaves. Ginni smiles and thinks he looks nice when he smiles.

The doctor comes to Adi’s for Ginni. She comes to Ginni and makes her exercise her hand. Ginni cries in pain. Adi comes there and asks the doctor to stop it, he says I will exercise her hand so you can leave. The doctor leaves. Ginni smiles at him and says you always showed anger towards me so it’s good to see you being angry at others for me. Adi comes closer and holds her hand. He exercise her hand while Ginni stares at him. He asks if it’s hurting? She says no. Adi makes her sit down. Ginni says you know you used to have nightmares in childhood and my father used to take care of me in my childhood, you are taking care of me just like him so thank you. Adi says I am doing what you asked me to, you should thank yourself first. He gets a call and goes from there after giving her breakfast. Ginni smiles.

PRECAP – Pasha brings the gun to Adi and says this gun was used to shoot Ginni. Adi says we have to find the shooter so Ginni can have peace. Ginni hears that and smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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