Channa Mereya 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni leaves Adi’s house

Channa Mereya 29th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi comes to Ginni and tries to talk to her but she glares at him. He sees her holding the diary and says I can explain this. Ginni says this is my father’s diary but you already knew it right? I found this in your cupboard, your family hid this from me for years. Adi says it’s not like that. Ginni shouts no.. I started loving you and kept telling you everything but you thought once I am in this house then I wouldn’t take any action after finding about the diary. You made me believe you would help me in finding this diary but you already had it. Adi says let me explain. All the family members come there. Ginni shouts and asks Adi if he knew about the diary? He says yes but.. Ginni slaps him hard and shouts your family cheated my father. You all knew about this.. I found this diary once but someone attacked me and took the diary from me. You all are a part of this. Supreet says we never wanted to hurt you, you are a part of this family. Ginni says I also thought so but I know the truth now. My father was cheated and I want to confront Darji. Adi says Darji is ill… Ginni says you all are liars, you people took everything from my father, cheated him, you all are killers. Amber thinks I just want Adi on my side. He tells Ginni that Darji and I are your criminals. Adi tries to tell Ginni the truth but Darji comes there. Ginni glares at him. Darji says your father was a great man, I am your criminal, I cheated your father, you shouldn’t blame others but me only. You can punish me. Ginni says I can’t forgive you but the one who could is already dead. You destroyed his family, your cheating took everything from us. Ginni tells Adi that we couldn’t even afford treatment for my father. We always had to struggle because we were poor, it was not our fault. My father was poor but he died poor because of you people. She tells Adi that your family doesn’t care about relationships. She tells Darji that Khushwant was your friend and if you had asked for the diary then he would have given it to you but you chose to cheat him. Darji says you can punish me all you want but Adi is innocent like you. He falls down and says I should die. Ginni says I don’t want to stay here anymore. Adi says we can solve this together. Ginni says I can’t stay in a place where my father’s killers live. Supreet and others try to stop her. Amber tells her that we can give you 50% of the shares of our business. Ginni says you can’t pay for my father’s death. Sharja thinks I just wanted to separate Adi and Ginni but this is going out of hands. Ginni is leaving the house. Darji cries and says please don’t do this. Ginni recalls how Gulabo cries for her father’s diary. She leaves the house. Adi is broken seeing her leave.

Ginni is walking on the roads alone. She comes to the dhaba. Gulabo comes to her and asks if everything is okay? Ginni shows her the burned diary. Gulabo is shocked.

PRECAP – Adi comes to Ginni and says I want to clarify everything, I have brought a lawyer. Ginni says then give me justice, your family should come forward and tell everyone who Khushwant was. Adi says I will bring justice to you but I need some time. Ginni says fine, then we won’t talk to each other anymore. Our lawyers will talk on our behalf. Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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