Channa Mereya 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi teases Ginni with a kiss

Channa Mereya 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginni stops Adi from eating spicy food, she says you were here? Adi says how was my surprise? Adi eats her spicy food while Ginni scolds him. Gulabo smiles looking at them. Sam and Goldie come there too. Adi gets a call and says what?

Sharja’s guests taunt Gurleen for coming home alone. Adi and Ginni arrive there. Ginni says Gurleen called me and said she would come to meet me today, I forgot to tell so sorry. Ginni takes Adi from there and says I lied to save Gurleen but I think you should talk to her, she looked stressed. Adi says I have a meeting so I can’t talk to her right now. Ginni says then I can talk to her if you don’t mind? Adi smiles and kisses her cheek, he says sure. Ginni is surprised and smiles at him. Adi says the payment for dhaba help is still pending, he leaves. Ginni blushes.

Ginni comes to Gurleen and says if you have any issue then you can discuss with me. Gurleen says nothing wrong. Ginni says okay and leaves.

Manveen has bought some contraceptive pills packet as a challenge, she is leaving for a party but Adi is there. She gets scared but Adi leaves. Manveen leaves after hiding the packet.

Scene 2
Ginni is cooking in the kitchen and recalls her moments with Adi, she smiles and says I will make pasta as a thank you and something else that he will like. He is acting cute these days. Sharja comes there and says my friends are here but you have no manners how to serve food. Ginni says don’t worry, everything is ready. Sharja leaves. Ginni says I feel like I am not alone anymore.

Gurleen finds the packet and gives it to Sharja. Sharja puts it on the table so a guest checks it and finds some pills in it. All guests are shocked to see the pills. A guest is going to the washroom and bumps into Adi, she drops the pills and Adi mistakenly picks them. He leaves with them.

Akash is writing a letter to Darji so Ginni helps him. Akash says monster has changed. Ginni looks on.

Adi comes back home and is on the call. Ginni tries to talk to him but he ignores her and says I am in a meeting. Ginni gets angry. Adi ends the call and finds pasta there. He says wow, you cooked this for me? Ginni ignores him. Adi says I am not sure about it. Adi finds a gift there and says I am opening it. He opens it to find a custom diary with their initials on it. Adi smiles and says this is so ancient. Ginni ignores him. Adi says I am hungry, he eats it and says it has less salt. Ginni glares at him and tastes it. Adi smiles.

PRECAP – Ginni asks Adi what is he searching for? Adi says I dropped something. Ginni says I thought you were different from others but you are like other men. Adi asks what happened? Ginni shows him contraceptive pills she found. Adi is shocked and says it’s not mine. He leaves the room and sleeps in garden. Ginni comes there and covers him with a blanket. Ginni lies on him and says I am sorry for doubting your intentions.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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