Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni enters Adi’s house as a business partner

Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi is drunk and grabs Ginni, he says I loved you more than myself but now I hate you. Ginni is hurt hearing that. Adi says you celebrated my mother’s birthday in this dhaba right? But now I know your real intentions. Ginni says you are drunk so you should go home. Adi says at least I am not a liar. Ginni gets a call from the lawyer. Adi says you have burned our relationship by doing all this, you will get good news now. He leaves. Ginni says I didn’t want this to happen. She takes the lawyer’s call.

Adi comes back home and is drunk. Supreet comes to him. Adi says I think I don’t deserve love and happiness. I thought why can’t I get happiness? I just don’t deserve it, I had so much happiness but I couldn’t bear it. I loved my mother but she left me then Darji.. he is not talking to me anymore and now Ginni.. I still love her a lot. He cries and says but it doesn’t matter. I think life doesn’t want happiness for me. Supreet says don’t think like that. Adi sadly leaves.

In the morning, all sit to have breakfast. Amber says I have talked to the lawyer. He shouts to bring the breakfast. Ginni arrives there with her family. Goldie is playing a dhol. Ginni recalls how Gulabo told her that Darji took a right decision, we will live a rich life now. Ginni was not happy about all that and thinks I have to go to that house for a reason. The flashback ends. Amber asks them to leave. Ginni says you can’t throw us out now. We are your partners now and you need my approval on all decisions till Darji becomes fine. All look on. Ginni comes to Adi and says you should welcome your new partner. You people cheated my father but not anymore. Adi says you are such a fraud, you have proved that Sam is nothing in front of you. You wanted justice and not the shares right? But you did the total opposite, you even attacked Darji but you couldn’t get justice for your father. You never wanted that, you just wanted this wealth right? We will welcome you. He makes a drink for her and says this is to our new partnership. He takes a bottle and leaves from there. Ginni looks on. Amber tells Gulabo that I have made this business, your father did nothing so you should leave from her. I will give you monthly payment if you leave today otherwise when Darji wakes up then I will send you all to jail. Sharja says I am sure this Ginni attacked Darji and Gulabo must have plotted all this. You wanted this partnership and put Darji in the coma after that? Ginni says you have any proof for that? Sharja says I saw you holding Darji’s oxygen mask. Ginni says I was just holding it but maybe someone else took it off? Maybe it was Amber? some people can cheat anyone for greed like my father was cheated. She tells Amber that we will stay here only, you can’t do anything. She goes in the house.

Goldie is bringing their stuff to Adi’s house. Ginni changes the house name. Amber says what are you doing? Supreet says you can stay here but please don’t destroy things here. Amber says I will throw you out of here soon. Ginni says if you go to court then you will lose the remaining shares also.

PRECAP – Amber tells Adi that we have to throw Ginni and her family out of the house. Adi says I will talk to a lawyer. Adi is leaving and sees Ginni standing there. She passes by him and her hair hits his face. Adi is mesmerized by that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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