Channa Mereya 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni doubts Aditya’s intentions

Channa Mereya 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginni is miffed with Adi so he teases her and says your pasta has less salt. Ginni tastes it and says you are wrong. He smiles at her. Amber and Supreet see them. Supreet smiles and says they look good together, you did the right thing by involving Adi in the investor’s issue.

Adi says sorry to Ginni for ignoring her. Ginni says it’s okay, you were doing work with full dedication. Adi says you should be a motivational speaker. He offers her pasta, they both share it. Adi cleans her fingers by sucking them. Ginni is surprised by seeing that. Teri Ore plays as they stare at each other. Adi says this is not the final payment for helping you at the dhaba. Ginni is stunned.

Gurleen is stressed, Sharja comes there and says Ginni didn’t even bring food to you, she is useless. She asks her if everything is okay? Gurleen says yes. Sharja sits with her and asks her to smile. She shows a diamond ring and says I will gift it to your husband Daljit. She says I will call your inlaws and tell them that you are here. Gurleen stops her and says I have told them already. Sharja asks what are you hiding? Gurleen says there is nothing wrong. Ginni comes there and sees all that. She thinks Gurleen is hiding something, I will try to talk to her tomorrow.

Manveen comes back home and is worried that she has lost the contraceptive pills somewhere.

Ginni sees Adi’s clothes thrown on the bed. She recalls how Gulabo told her that when she gets married, she should wash her husband’s clothes after checking his pockets only as they are careless. Ginni asks Adi to sleep. he nods. Ginni checks his pockets and finds contraceptive pills in it. She is stunned and sees Adi searching for something. Ginni gets angry and says you are like other men only. Adi says what? Ginni shows the contraceptive pills to him and says this was your payment? Adi pulls her closer and glares at her. Adi says you have been living with me so you should know about my intentions, this is not my packet. I will sleep outside today. He leaves. Ginni says I don’t care.

Gulabo recalls Adi helping her at the dhaba and being nice with Ginni. She thinks thank God Ginni has a loving husband now. Goldie comes there and asks her to come home. Gulabo says you should be with your wife only. Did you see how Adi saved your father’s dhaba but you never cared about this dhaba. Ginni had to bear a lot to find her father’s diary but you are ready to lose everything your father built. She asks him to leave.

Adi sleeps in the garden and says she is crazy. Ginni is in the room and says maybe I was wrong, he wouldn’t be angry if he brought those pills. She comes to the garden and sees Adi sleeping on the grass alone. She covers him with a blanket and is about to leave but she hears Adi talking in his sleep that he didn’t buy that packet. Ginni caresses his face and says it’s okay. She lies on his chest and says I am sorry for doubting you. She smiles and stares at him. They both sleep in the garden only. Adha Ishq plays.

PRECAP – The servant gives some books box to Ginni and says these are new ones. Ginni starts putting them on the shelf, her father’s diary is there but Amber sees it before Ginni could.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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