Channa Mereya 7th October 2022 Written Episode update: Aditya announces his Marriage with Ginni

The episode starts with Ginni informing Aditya that Amber was feeling very proud of him for cracking the deal. Aditya jokes with her on halwa, while Ginni teases him regarding pills. Suddenly someone throws a stone in their room. Aditya goes out to see, and everyone gathers. Ginni informs them that someone threw a note in our room. Aditya reads it.

The next day Ginni is serving food in Gurudwara. Aditya’s Chachi is getting irritated, and Gurleen asks her to concentrate on work rather than drama.
One lady praises Aditya for his work, as after his mom, only Darji use to do all this. Aditya remembers how Ginni motivated him to clear his doubts in front of Guruji.
Aditya goes and prays, that it’s due to Ginni we are all again on the right path, it’s due to her that I might not feel the incompleteness of my mom. He further adds that Ginni has become an important part of life.

Ginni is shown serving food to people, when some ladies stop her, as we can’t have food by your hand, and if you want that we eat food, you should leave. Harleen tells others that some people are refusing to have food served by Ginni. Aditya asks them why they have problems with the presence of Ginni. Ladies say that Ginni married you by cheat, we can’t have food by this cheater. You all are educated and we can’t stand such cheaters who are married by cheat. They further add that they will have food only when Ginni goes. Ginni turns away, but Aditya stops her. Ginni asks him not to say a word, but he says that I will not tolerate the humiliation of his wife. Ladies see Sam, everyone finds out about her.

The flashback shows that it was Sam who threw stones into Ginni’s room.
Aditya reads the letter that if Ginni does work in Launger, then we will protest. Aditya says let’s see what happens.

Surpreet informs the ladies that Ginni is innocent, and Sam is wicked. She tried to blackmail us that she was pregnant with Aditya’s child, though it was fake. Amber says we are all with Ginni, she is like a diamond.
Sam shouts at Aditya, but Aditya stops her stating I will answer you. He holds Ginni’s hand and says Gurudwara is the best place to say it, stating I will marry Ginni again with all rituals. He invites everyone.
Sam shouts what about your rituals learned in Canada. You forgot how you came back, as soon as you get to know about your family name, before winning World’s Chef.
Sam further adds that in Indian Culture Marriage is based on ritual and vachan. You are just a loser, no one is interested in your marriage.
Amber shouts that he is bearing the punishment for my sins. I made him lose trust in relations. Amber asks for forgiveness.

Gurleen asks Sam to shut her mouth, as you are standing here due to the goodness of Ginni and Aditya. Ginni answers back to Sam that in a family everyone support and stays with each other.

Precap:- Aditya and Amber talk their heart while uniting.

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