Channa Mereya 8th October 2022 Written Episode update: Amber Aditya talks their heart

The episode starts with the whole Singh family standing together. Flashback shows that it was all planned by Pammi and Sam.
Later Pammi scolds Sam for her failure. Sam says it was all planned by you and I got insulted. Pammi says I paid you and you failed. Surpreet listens to all this. Pammi requests🙏🏻 her not to say anything to anyone, I did in anger😡.
Surpreet warns her not to repeat all this, and mend her ways, otherwise she will face me.

Goldie informs Gulabo that Aditya will marry Ginni again. Gulabo gets happy☺️ and prays🙏🏻 to Baba Ji to keep them happy. She further inquires how did came out, Goldie says just enjoy. Gulabo gives sweets to free to customers. She further taunts Sam for her behaviour and ways to trouble everyone. Our dhabha is again working, God is watching us. Goldie thinks🤔 that whenever Sam is silent, she is planning something big.

Aditya is sitting while thinking🤔 about Amber’s words now and since childhood. He feels restless by remembering all events. Ginni brings coffee for him. She tries to calm his mind, asking him to talk his heart and clear everything up with Amber. Surpreet advised Amber the same.

Aditya meets Amber and talks about every event since childhood. He shares his sorrows, pain😢, lonely feelings and behaviour.Aditya further adds about his mother and her sufferings. Amber cries😢 and again feels sorry for everything. Amber and Aditya decide to mend their relationship, starting afresh. They both hug. Ginni watches them. While Amber makes faces😒.

Precap:- Aditya says to Ginni I want to spend his whole life, every weather, every day with you. I Love.
Sam Burns Dhabha and Ginni’s father’s photo burns. Ginni cries.

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