Charu Asopa slams Rajeev Sen for romantically linking her with Karan Mehra; says “His only motive is to make my life hell”

Charu Asopa slams Rajeev Sen for romantically linking her with Karan Mehra; says “His only motive is to make my life hell”

Actress Charu Asopa and estranged husband Rajeev Sen’s turbulent married life is getting murkier with each passing day. After Charu accused Rajeev of domestic violence, Rajeev in a recent interview accused her of having an extra-marital affair with actor Karan Mehra.

Karan Mehra slammed Rajeev in a recent interview and stated he and Charu have met only a few times that too on professional front. He also added that they also discussed the problem in their married life but that’s it.

Now Charu in a recent interview with ETimes TV stated that Rajjev is trying to shut her out by maligning her image. She said, “It is very clear that he wanted to malign my image as I have started to open up and speak. Earlier, he would accuse me and spread false news. In our society, whenever a man wants to shut down a woman he starts spreading lies about her and maligning her image. Rajeev is doing exactly that. He knows ek aurat ke paas Uske character se badh ke kuch nahi hota and she will try to safeguard it. He knows if he talks randomly, nobody will believe it so he thought of taking names, he scrolled my entire Instagram profile and found one reel with another man which was from a work event, so he accused him.”

Charu further added, “The video is from an event where we both were invited for work and I was not even aware that he was also going to be a part of it. Only, the event was captured in a reel as it was a collaboration video and I had to tag them. Rajeev just randomly picked up his name and started talking about him. But it is ethically so wrong to drag someone’s name like this. Rajeev ne ye bahut galat kiya hai. If I wanted I could have also dragged other’s names. But I won’t do it because I know ek ladki ke liye, how important is their character. Everyone is fighting their own battles in life and you can’t make their lives difficult by dragging their name like this. Ye joh Rajeev ne kiya bahut unethical tha.”

The actress feels that Rajeev is doing this to make the separation messy, “I have left that house to live a peaceful life but his only motive is to make my life hell. He is doing this to make my our separation messy.”


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