Dholna…Beloved… Parth Samthaan Sanaya Irani TS Part 3{Last Part)

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Dholna…Beloved… Part 3

While driving,Ajith saw a church.He stopped there and went inside.

Ajith prayed:God,is my Sapna safe?Please show me my Sapna.

He opened his eyes.His eyes shone as he saw Sapna on the opposite side praying.He smiled emotionally.

Koyi dukh te nahi tennu
Tera fikar rahe mennu


Sapna looked at him with a shock.

Seeing him,she smiled at him.They remembered their first meeting.

Tera fikar rahe mennu
Koyi dukh te nahi tennu

Suddenly she remembered something and ran out shocking him.Ajith ran after her when she ran out of the church.He caught her hand.

Ajith:Sapna,what happened to you?Why are you avoiding me?We both love each other.Then why?

Sapna burst out.

Sapna:But I was betraying you.I can’t betray you anymore.That’s why I decided to avoid you.

Ajith was confused:What do you mean?

Sapna:First of all,I lied to you that I am a rich business man’s daughter.I wore rich dresses to make you believe that I am rich.But actually I am an ordinary struggling singer who has the responsibility to look after a family.I belong to a poor family.Like you think,I did not make phone calls to you out of love.I was asked to do that.He only gave me rich clothes to make me look stylish and modern.He is none other than your rival Shyam.He took advantage of my poor financial condition when my father was admitted in the hospital.



Flash back….

Shyam paid the hospital bill and arranged Sapna’s father’s operation also.

Sapna thanked him.

Sapna:You are great Sir.You are an Angel sent by God.I don’t know how to return the money.

Shyam:It will be very difficult for you to pay back the money.So you do something else to return the favour.

Sapna became nervous.


Shyam showed her the photograph of Ajith.

Shyam:He is the business magnet Ajith Malhotra.You have to trap him.I mean…a honey trap.

Sapna was shocked.

Shyam:You get closer to him and get his business secrets.

Sapna:No,I can’t do this.I thought you were nice.But you are taking advantage of my condition.

Shyam got angry and held her hand tight.

Shyam:You thankless girl!If you disobey me,I will harm your father and sister.You won’t be even able to face the world.

Sapna cried.




Sapna:A few days back I visited your home to steal the confidential file which you kept it safe.But then I realized that you were not a rich father’s spoilt son,but a man who suffered all his life to reach this level.My conscience did not allow me to cheat you anymore.I decided not to cheat you.

Sapna was in tears.

Ajith was shattered by her revelation.

Ajith:After my dad’s death,it’s your betrayal which pained me the most.

Sapna became more guilty.

Sapna:I know that a ‘sorry’ can’t change anything.But still I am sorry.

Ajith:Ok.But let me ask you something.If you don’t leak my business secrets to Shyam,won’t he harm your family?

Sapna:Yes,I am scared about that.But what to do?

She was crying.

Ajith:You pretend to be on his side and collect proof against him.Collect the details of his illegal business.Leave the rest to me.Trust me.I will make everything alright.

Sapna looked at him in disbelief.



Sapna succeeded in collecting proof against Shyam’s illegal business.Ajith submitted it to the police station and Shyam got arrested.Ajith and Sapna smirked at Shyam.

Shyam screamed at Sapna.

Shyam:You cheated me Sapna.You stood with my rival against me.

Sapna:Yes.Because you deserved it.

Shyam roared:Youuuuuuuuuu!

Ajith shouted at him.

Ajith:Don’t dare to shout at Sapna.Now rot in the prison.

Shyam gritted his teeth in anger:Ajith!

Ajith:Get lost!

Shyam was dragged away by the police.

Sapna looked at Ajith:Thank you Ajith for saving me from that monster.

Tera fikar rahe mennu
Tera kivein laggeya hona

Ajith:Thank you Sapna.Without you,we would not have been able to trap Shyam.

Dil mera taan lagge na
Tere bin, tere bin

Sapna:Our journey ends here.Bye.

Ajith felt a prick in his heart thinking of ending their relationship forever.

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Ajith:Before biding ‘good-bye’ answer my question Sapna.

Sapna looked at him anxiously.

Ajith:You decided not to betray me only because you came to know about my tragic journey or is there any other reason too?

Sapna looked at him painfully.

He asked her emotionally:Tell me Sapna.Because I see something else in your eyes which is your love for me.

Her eyes became teary.

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Sapna:Yes,I realised that while doing love drama,I really fell in love with you,so it’s impossible to betray you.

Ajith became emotional.

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin
Dholna, dholna

Ajith asked her painfully:Then why are you leaving me and going?

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Sapna:Because you deserve someone better.

Ajith became upset.

Main te theek nahi aan tere bin
Main te theek nahi aan tere bin

Ajith held her hand and said tearfully:Someone better than you is you yourself Sapna.If you genuinely love me,please don’t leave me and go.

Socheya-si ki, te ki ho gaya ae
Saddi waari rab so gaya ae

Sapna became emotional and her tears rolled down her cheek.


Kariye ki kithe jaaiye

Kihde kollon mangiye dua
Mangiye dua

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Socheya si ki, te ki ho gaya ae
Saddi waari rab so gaya ae

Kariye ki kithe jaaiye

Kihde kollon mangiye dua

They embraced each other emotionally.

Mennu dine hanera laggda ae
Chanann jehe tere chehre bin

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin

Nidhi was ringing up someone.Anupam who just reached back from the office watched it.

Nidhi saw him.

Nidhi:Finally you came?I have been calling you since long.But it’s always switched off.

Anupam:Since there was meeting,I switched off the phone.

Nidhi:But you could have switched it on after the meeting.Right?

Anupam:But I forgot it.

Nidhi:Why are you forgetting it Anupam?

Anupam:Because after the meeting,my only aim was to reach home as soon as possible to be with you.

Nidhi smiled slightly.

Anupam:These days you are addicted to calling me with the phone.

Nidhi:I liked Ajith Sir and Sapna’s phone love story.So…

Anupam:They used phone to form their love story.But our love story is already formed.We just have to drown in love every moment.

She blushed and they both embraced each other.




Ajith and Sapna got dressed in sherwani and lehenga for their engagement function.

They looked at each other remembering their reunion moment.

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Nidhi and Anupam smiled.

Nidhi:They are such a sweet pair.

Anupam:Exactly Nidhi.I am glad that the loneliness in Ajith Sir’s life has been replaced with love by Sapna.

Nidhi smiled.

Ajith and Sapna exchanged rings promising to be with each other in every step of life.

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin

Mennu chheti-chheti mil

Main te theek nahi
Aan tere bin!

The end

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