Dholna…Beloved… Parth Samthaan TS Part 1

Dholna…Beloved… Part 1

 I dedicate this to Deepa4567 who had requested me to write short stories on Parth with actresses other than Niti and Erica.

Ajith is a famous business man.After the meeting with his PA Anupam he went out of his office.Suddenly his mobile phone rang.He attended the call.

Ajith:Ajith Malhotra speaking…

Caller:Why did you wear this shirt?This shirt does not match you.

Ajith was stunned.He turned around to see the caller.A car drove away.

Caller:Don’t look.I just drove away from your location.That’s why you can’t see me.

Ajith:Why are you playing hide and seek with me?Come in front of me.

Caller:Not so early Ajith.

Ajith got irritated.

Caller:Anyways,next time don’t wear this shirt.Wear something else.

Ajith:It is my wish.Which shirt to be worn will be decided by me.

Caller:I suggested for your betterment.

Ajith:I don’t need your suggestion.

He cut the call.

Anupam:Who is it Sir?

Ajith:The same girl who calls me daily.

Anupam smiled.

Ajith:The mad girl is telling me to change my shirt.She says that this shirt doesn’t suit me.How dare she order me?

Anupam:Can I tell you a truth Sir?


Anupam:I also felt that this shirt does’nt suit you.

Ajith was embarrassed.

Anupam:Maybe she was telling you to change the shirt for your betterment.

Ajith remembered the caller girl telling him that she suggested it for his betterment.

Ajith:Why should she bother about my betterment?

Anupam:Sir,this girl is calling you daily.That makes it obvious that she has a soft corner for you.So she wants you to be the best.You are intelligent.Can’t you understand it by simple logic?

Ajith stared at Anupam.

Anupam got nervous.

Ajith turned off his face and smiled.



Ajith went to a textile shop to buy a shirt.

Suddenly a man showed him a shirt and said:Sir,this shirt will suit you.Take this shirt.

Ajith thought:Who is he to tell me to take this shirt?

He:Sir,this was told by a girl.


He:One girl selected this shirt and told me to give this to you.She entrusted me to tell you that this shirt suits you very well.So you should take this.

Ajith was stunned.

Suddenly his phone rang.He picked up the call.

Caller:Ajith,take that shirt.Trust me.You will look very handsome in that shirt.

Ajith:So you followed me here also and found that I am here.

Caller:Of course yes.Because I knew that you will come here to buy a new shirt as I told you that your shirt selection is bad.

Ajith became embarrassed.

Caller:By the way did you like the shirt I selected for you?

Ajith:Shut up and cut the call.

Caller:You are so short tempered.

Ajith:Cut the call.

He himself cut the call.Then he smiled.

Ajith told that man:Pack this shirt.




The next day Ajith wore that shirt and went to his office.His phone rang.

He picked up the call.

Caller:You look very handsome in this shirt.

Ajith smiled.

Caller:When you scolded me yesterday, I thought that you won’t buy this shirt.Now I am so happy that you wore the shirt I selected for you.So you like my choice.Right?

Ajith smiled.

Ajith:When can I see you directly?

Caller:Wait for the right time.Bye!

She ended the call.

Ajith:Oh ..this girl!

Anupam came near him and asked:What happened Sir?

Ajith:That girl is always stalking me and seeing me.But I can’t see her.

Anupam:If she can observe you so keenly will she be a staff of this office?

Ajith was stunned.

He looked at his female staffs.

They asked him:What Sir?Why are you staring at us?

Ajith felt embarrassed while Anupam felt like laughing.

Ajith:Nothing.All of you do your work.I want everything to be perfect.

They started their work in a hurry.

Ajith to Anupam:I don’t think that girl is our staff.They all are scared of me.They won’t dare to play with me like this.





Ajith and Anupam were coming back from a hotel room after a meeting.Ajith was holding a file in his hand.

Ajith:This file is very important.This should not be leaked.Our rival Shyam will misuse it.

Anupam:You are right Sir.

Suddenly Ajith got a call.

Caller:You look tired after the meeting.The meeting was very long.Right?

Ajith was surprised.

Ajith:You followed me to this hotel also?

Caller:Actually no.I came here to have lunch.But surprisingly I saw you.

Ajith thought:Today I will catch you.

Ajith cut the call and ran around in search of her.The caller kept calling him.But he did not pick up the call.Anupam also followed Ajith.Suddenly he saw a girl with a phone.She was murmuring.

“First he cut my call.Now I called him again.But he is not picking up the call”.

Ajith:This is she.

Ajith caught her hand.She looked at him.

Ajith:Finally I found you.

Anupam was shocked to see her.

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