Doosri Maa 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna crying in the child care centre, thinking about his mother. Yashoda meets the Inspector. Inspector says papers are right, and asks her to go to Children’s home and can take Krishna with her, showing the papers. Yashoda thanks him. She goes to the children’s home and sees Krishna sitting sad. He asks how are you Krishna? Krishna is painting a picture. Yashoda says it is good and tells that anger is hidden in the stomach, when there is no food, it gets up. She says she has made aloo parathas for him, as Mala had told that he likes it. She asks him to eat it and asks if you are upset with me. She says if I had come that time, then also I couldn’t have saved her, she was very ill and says she is not God. Krishna says I don’t trust God, but used to trust you. Yashoda says the pain which I gave you unintentionally, I am very sorry about that and apologizes to him, calling him beta. Krishna says don’t call me beta, I miss my mother a lot, she used to call me beta very lovingly, I am nobody’s son except hers. Yashoda says I can understand. Krishna says if you could understand then you wouldn’t have lied to me that you will not let anything happen to my mother. He says we have to go to orphanage, come. In the car, Krishna is upset and looking out of the window. Yashoda looks at him. tujhse naraaz hun main plays….

Manoj tells Ashok that he should have seen his son once. Ashok says what I could do after seeing him, see his destiny, he will grow up in orphanage though he has a father, and says I have nothing to do with him. He then says that he will not let him stay in orphanage and will keep him in boarding school. Manoj says atlast father’s love is reflecting. Ashok says don’t know if it is father’s love or sympathy and says he is very helpless, and he can’t express his feelings. They hear a boy coming there and begging. The lawyer scolds the boy. Ashok gets angry on the lawyer. Manoj asks him to leave him and tells that father’s pain is coming out. Ashok is sad and goes.

Yashoda asks Krishna to come, as they reach the orphanage. Krishna sees the kids there. Yashoda talks to the warden and tells that she has brought Krishna. The warden calls him kanha. Yashoda says I told you about his mother. Warden says I can’t bear to hear. She says all kids are mine. Yashoda says she has brought some clothes and aloo parathas for him. The warden says this orphanage is Anandit. Yashoda tells him that from today this is his home. Warden says not home, but Ashram. She sends Krishna with Giridhari. Yashoda asks her to take care of him. Warden asks her not to worry and says he is in safe hands. Once Yashoda goes, the warden smells the tiffin.

Ashok feels helpless and thinks he couldn’t stop his own son from going to orphanage. Yashoda comes home. Ashok asks her about Krishna. Yashoda says I increased his pain, and he hates me now. She says I didn’t know that Mala was…how I could leave the puja that day, he feels that if I was there, then I could have saved her. She says she couldn’t see Krishna in this condition, he is a small child, how to pacify him. She cries. Ashok gives her water to drink, and says whatever you did for him, nobody does for anyone. He says he is a child and an orphan, he don’t have a father, his wounds are not fine yet, he will understand that it is not your mistake. Yashoda says how to make myself understand and says don’t know how the person is, whose son will grow in orphanage though he is not an orphan. Yashoda’s words haunts Ashok. Nupur and Aastha come there, and tells that Dadi told that she will send them to hostel if they do mischief. Ashok says I will not let you go anywhere, it is in my limit. The warden comes to Krishna and asks him to have food, and says who will bear your tantrums here. Krishna looks at her. The warden says you are staring at me, keep your sight down. She says you will have food now and forcefeeds whole roti in his mouth.

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