Doosri Maa 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kamini humiliates Yashoda

Doosri Maa 25th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna’s photos were clicked in the PS and Chargesheet is filed against him. Other Inspector asks his name and age. Then Krishna is taken inside the Juvenile home. Yashoda tells Aastha and Nupur that his father is educated and became advocate due to their grand father’s hard work all his life. She says he can be unreasonable with you sometimes, but if you hurt him then you will hurt me as well. Krishna is thrown inside the juvenile home cell, where the criminal children are there. Krishna gets scared. The boy says he is athanni. Nupur and Aastha wish happy birthday to their Dada ji and shows the card. Babu ji says you have given the good values to your daughters. Yashoda says it is blessing from you. She asks him to cut the cake. Kamini stops him and complains to him about Aastha, saying she had ruined the cake to take revenge from you. Babu ji asks Aastha. Kamini says I want you to get my age and says they want you to die. She asks Aastha if she wants this. Aastha is shocked. Babu ji asks Aastha, if she threw the cake in anger. Kamini asks him to ask their mother, who had asked Sonu to apologize. She says inauspicious thing have happened. Yashoda asks babu ji to cut the cake. babu ji asks Yashoda, if she don’t feel ashamed to ask him to cut the cake, and scolds her for her teachings.

Yashoda asks him to see that they made card for him too. Babu ji says girls shall be taught to be silent and says why will you say, as you do something or says something else. Ashok says it is our values that the girls made the card and wrote Sonu’s name also. Kamini says I want to rename your name as Kans mama and calls him double standard guy. She says you said that I don’t know how to do upbringing and you are covering up for your wife and daughters’ mistakes. Babu ji tells Ashok that his wife and daughters have hidden this from him. Ashok says the girls have written sorry in the card too. Babu ji checks and finds sorry in it written in small font. He asks Yashoda if she taught this also. Ashok tells Babu ji that he will feel ashamed on himself when he comes to know what Yashoda says to the children about him. Babu ji throws the cake and goes from there. Yashoda and the girls are taken aback. Yashoda comes to Ashok. Ashok apologizes to her. Yashoda says you are a good husband. Ashok says babu ji hurt you and our daughters, and I couldn’t do anything. Yashoda says we didn’t tell him truth, if we had told him truth then this wouldn’t have happen. Ashok says I feel pain when your heart hurts. Yashoda says sometime we get hurt with our family members’ move and get helpless, but time heals everything. Just then door bell is ring. Ashok and Yashoda see Inspector on the door. The Inspector asks if you know Krishna Mala. Ashok says yes, and she is his legal guardian. Inspector says I had called you, but you didn’t pick the call. He says Krishna is arrested on the charges of murder. Yashoda is shocked.

Krishna is in the juvenile home, when the criminal kids come to him and asks what did he do? They ask if you had murdered chotu? Krishna says no, he is my friend. Then they tell that they are here for murder. Yashoda tells that there is a big misunderstanding. Inspector says they have taken many statements from the orphanage. Yashoda says Lalita must have made the kids give wrong statement. Inspector says tomorrow is the case hearing. Yashoda asks Inspector to save him from the wrong case. Inspector leaves. babu ji asks why did the Police come? Ashok says to talk about urgent case. Yashoda is in her room and asks Ashok what they will do. Ashok says he has to think. Yashoda says how will I fulfill promise given to Mala, and feels worried thinking about Krishna. She says it is all my mistake, Krishna is badly trapped. Ashok says he is charges with section 307. Yashoda says Krishna will not do anything which will make his mother feel ashamed of him. She says we have to go and save Krishna. Ashok says how will you go? and reminds her of Bau ji. yashoda says babu ji never stopped me from meeting anyone except Krishna. She says father never accepted him and mother died. She says you are a father also, if Aastha and Nupur face such situation. She says no and hugs him. She says she will confront his father and will ask if his heart is of stone. She asks why your heart is beating fast. Ashok makes an excuse. Yashoda asks how will I save Krishna?

Precap: The boy in the juvenile tells that even relative don’t help in this situation. Babu ji tells Yashoda that she shall not meet Krishna. Lalita asks Girdhari not to open his mouth. Manoj overhears them. Krishna hugs Yashoda, but she doesn’t see him and goes away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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