Doosri Maa 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Girdhari informs Ashok about Krishna’s innocence

Doosri Maa 26th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the boy telling Krishna that his story is more sad than his. He asks where is that Madam? Krishna says Inspector called, but she didn’t pick the call. Other boy says even relative don’t support and says nobody will come. The boy says you will be jailed and asks him to think him as Chotu. He asks him to sleep as he has to go to court tomorrow. Krishna asks Court. They ask him to tell in court that he is innocent. Krishna says he will tell Yashoda. The boy calls bablu and says new pigeon came and can be useful to you.

Ashok and Mala are sleeping when they get the call. Girdhari calls Ashok and tells that Krishna is innocent and whatever happened was an accident. Ashok says we are coming there. Babu ji and Amma also come there. He asks whose call was it? Ashok says it was Gayatri’s call, Manoj got unwell. Amma says Gayatri herself is a doctor. Yashoda says it is difficult to treat the family. Babu ji asks who will make breakfast and tea. Amma says she will make and asks them to let them go.

They come to the juvenile home. Yashoda asks why we have come here? Ashok apologizes for lying to her and tells about Girdhari’s call. He says we have to meet Krishna. He seeks permission from the jailer and asks Yashoda to come. Yashoda refuses to meet Krishna due to babu ji’s promise and asks him to enquire everything from Krishna. She sees a constable beating a boy and confronts him. The constable tells that criminals stay here and tells that the boy has brought drugs in the juvenile and tells that if any innocent boy comes here, then such boys make him rigorous criminal. Yashoda is shocked.

Ashok asks Krishna to tell and says I am asking you since a long time. Krishna is crying. Ashok says I came here to help. Krishna says I will just tell Yashoda Madam and asks where is she? Ashok says she is sitting in downstairs. He seeks constable permission and takes Krishna downstairs. Krishna sees yashoda and calls her. He runs and hugs her. Yashoda doesn’t see his face and goes away from there. Krishna is shocked and teary eyes. Ashok comes to Krishna, but he is taken away by the constable. Ashok comes to Yashoda. Yashoda asks if he told you. Ashok says he wanted to tell you, but you…They are on the bike to come home. Yashoda cries. Ashok says I felt as if Krishna needs me after Mala left, but I am helpless not to hug him and pacify him, saying that he is not alone, that I am with him. She cries. Ashok gets teary eyes too.

Krishna thinks of yashoda and cries. They reach home. Ashok asks Yashoda to tell Babu ji that Manoj has gastric problem. Arvind comes out to inform them. Babu ji asks them to come inside. They get inside the house. Mahua asks what happened? Arvind says Bhaiyya lied and took Bhabhi to meet Krishna, and Babu ji found about it.

Yashoda tells the truth to Babu ji. Babu ji asks Amma to hear that her son had gone to support the murderer. Ashok says he is not a murderer. Babu ji asks until when you will lie, and says he called Manoj and questioned him. He says Manoj was sleeping at his house and asks if he don’t feel ashamed to lie. Amma scolds Ashok. Yashoda asks her not to scold him. babu ji asks Yashoda to promise him that she will not meet him, even if he don’t get house. Yashoda says she can’t give him promise, as Krishna is in pain. Babu ji says he don’t want to listen and asks her to promise. Yashoda says Krishna is in trouble and folds her hands, says Krishna is innocent and says he didn’t do anything wrong. She says please let me fulfill the promise made to his mother and then I will fulfill the promise made to you. Babu ji refuses. Ashok says yashoda is his legal guardian and she has to go to court anyhow, else summoned will be sent for her and my job might go. He says that boy cried a lot hugging her, but she didn’t turn her face towards him and didn’t look at him even once. He asks him to think with calm mind and says how will you know if I don’t tell you. babu ji says do whatever you want, and tells that they are fighting because of that boy.

Ashok talks to Manoj and tells that they have to take Girdhari and Nandu’s statement. He says I will take Nandu’s statement once he gains consciousness and asks him to take Girdhari’s statement. Manoj says ok. Yashoda comes there and asks Ashok if Krishna will be saved. Ashok asks her to trust him. yashoda says she will come to court as babu ji agreed and says she will hold his hand and hug him in court.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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