Doosri Maa 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda meets Krishna in Juvenile home

Doosri Maa 2nd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the boys teasing Krishna that Yashoda doesn’t care for them. Bablu comes there and gives them gifts and sweets brought by yashoda. He tells Krishna that he has brought gifts for them and emotionally blackmails Krishna, saying he was also like him. He says he will be with him and gives him gifts.

Ashok asks Arvind not to worry and say the dialogues. Arvind says he has silver utensils factory and tells that it would be too much. Ashok and Manoj ask him to tell that he is married since 7 years, but they don’t have children. If he don’t adopt the baby then the property will go to his step brother. Arvind asks them to write and give him. Manoj writes. Arvind asks if the utensils will be of the copper.

Kamini comes to Bansal and asks him to come. Bansal comes to her. Kamini scolds him for sitting with poor people and asks what is the advantage. Bansal says your father and brother are responsible and asks her to get money from them. Kamini says she will teach a lesson to Ashok. Bansal goes.

Yashoda celebrates Diwali with her family, while Krishna draws crackers on the wall. He finds some papers in the box and happily celebrates Diwali and burns the crackers.

Manoj and Ashok come to the orphanage wall and discuss about the case. Manoj says Matron has filed the case very cleverly. Ashok says they shall search the eye witness. Krishna tells the kids that Yashoda has given the gifts for him and not Bablu. He shows the papers on which Yashoda and his name are written.

Constable tells Krishna that Yashoda came to meet him. Krishna happily runs out and goes to her, tells her that he knows that she had given crackers and sweets for them, but they gave them saying they are giving it. Yashoda says you speak so much. He hugs Yashoda and says it is good that you came, now everyone will know that you are same as you appears. Ashok enquires with the shop keeper and comes to know that someone took Nandu to the hospital. Ashok asks if he can give this statement in court. The shopkeeper refuses. Ashok thinks who was that guy?

Yashoda gets teary eyes meeting him. Krishna says Maa used to do the same and says she was mad. Yashoda says even she is mad. Krishna asks her about Chotu. Yashoda says doctor said that he shall not pressurize his mind. Krishna says he shall be fine and asks if he will be mine. Yashoda asks what your heart says? Krishna says I feel that he will be fine soon. Yashoda asks him to pray that Chotu gets fine soon. Krishna asks Yashoda to ask her God to make him fine. Bablu and the boys hear them. Bablu says they seem to have a deep relation. He says Madam will run away and will not be seen anywhere.

Yashoda feeds food to Krishna and tells him about her family. Krishna says I had just Maa and me, and he had Mama too, but don’t know where he went. Yashoda says all world is ours. Krishna says no, some people are bad and gets scared seeing Bablu. Yashoda finds beedi in Krishna’s pocket. Krishna says it is not mine. Yashoda asks him not to be scared, but stay alert. She says I know who has done this. Krishna tries to stop her. She goes to Bablu and warns him to stay away from Krishna. Bablu says orphans are like deserted land, they became of the people who captures it first. Yashoda looks at Krishna.

Precap: Ashok calls Yashoda and tells that he found the eye witness. Gayatri refuses to adopt Krishna and says family member will not agree. Eye witness agrees to give statement and then he gives wrong statement against Krishna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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